Magnetic //\\ Radiating - A Collaborative Installation

Danielle DeRoberts + Lindee Zimmer

July 2019 | Gallery 81435 

What do you attract? What do you emit? How do you balance the two?

Magnetic/Radiating is the exploration of balance between attracting and emitting. 

Stored in the soft folds. Tucked in the deep tissue of our bones. Woven into our neurons. We carry our pain from trauma, from recent events, from our childhoods and/or from previous lives. Stored like a secret in our bodies. Through introspection, internal processing and arduous work the pain is liberated. The pain is unwound. Detached from our physical body. Energy is released. When cultivated it can be converted to beauty. Radiating into the world.

- The Magnetic Self - Colors Flashing -

The Magnetic Self:: an essential sense of being, a union of elements... in alignment with the purpose of the whole.

Colors Flashing :: that magical moment it all becomes clear - once you step into your magnetic self.

This current series honors the empowerment of the way through to the unbecoming. Who you are truly meant to be. Exploring the depths of soul through the practice of painting/art meditation - Being present in this process becomes transformative and translates physically in the work. Symbolism such as using metallic thread in a hand embroidery process to represent the vibrations from inner to outer, taking what can only be felt to be truly seen. Welcoming the viewer to explore the journey to their magnetic self. 


Lindee Zimmer is a public artist, painter, curator, collaborator and teacher living in Denver. Follow textures, lines and scattered stripes, and dive into the imagination; Lindee’s art stems from the colors of tropical birds, the cracks in the walls she draws her murals, energy of the universe that connects us. She draws off the patterns in leaves, she paints the vibrations of love, she sketches the frivolous buoyancy that brought us all to search for art to be curated in the first place. Anyway, make yourself at home, you are part of it now. 

Danielle DeRoberts is originally from N.Y. and San Francisco, CA- Danielle DeRoberts (Onerary) is a full time artist and collaborator :: painting, drawing, textiles, graphic design + art installation :: currently residing in Telluride, CO. Danielle’s unique technique of embroidering into her paintings, back lighting and extending them onto walls, creates textured pieces that spring to life--- transforming the two-dimensional paintings into three-dimensional installations. Through her art, Danielle desires to create a space where the audience feels welcome to be completely themselves. Her paintings are dream like vessels for her to communicate and she hopes her own creative expression will inspire the viewer to connect with their own soul voice.

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