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HUB Telluride [Affiliate MEMBER]

We would like to thank HUB Telluride for becoming an Affiliate Member! The HUB is a full-service technology boutique right in the heart of Main Street. In addition to their hip retail space with best-in-class electronics and Apple-centric accessories, they also offer services such as home audio/video installations, point-of-sale solutions, surveillance installations, Mac and PC repairs, in-store tutoring and workshops. Pop into the shop and see what's new. 


Many thanks to our newest members and supporters! Flair Robinson, Tess Peters, Joel Cantor and Shannon Spellment, Bob and Estrella Posey, Todd Hoffman Foundation, John and Thalia Pryor, Joseph and Julya Sembrat, Jenn Dewey Designs, Karin Kingsley, Shasheen Shah, and Brian Wolahan.



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