Meredith Nemirov

July 2019

Telluride Arts HQ

Telluride Arts HQ Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of BLOWDOWN: FEEDING THE FOREST FLOOR, an exhibition of works on paper by artist Meredith Nemirov opening on July 5th, 2019.

Addressing the intersection of art and science through a series of mixed media paintings, the work is an abstract visualization of the processes occurring beneath the forest floor. The Mycelia series incorporate white fibers that represent the Hyphae, fine branching tubes that are important structures required for the growth of tree species. Other pieces are a composite of observational drawings and patterns taken from early botanic studies. Inspired and informed by the writings of British naturalist Robert Macfarlane, the artist is pleased that the show is opening a month after the publication of his new book Underland. The connection between the human and natural worlds and the urgency to address current issues regarding the health and future of our landscape is what Nemirov is interested in communicating through visual works that depict the mystery and complexity of the invisible process that is the mychorrhizal network.

Meredith Nemirov is an artist whose work has focused on the trees in the landscape in Southwest Colorado, in particular the aspen tree. Trees, urban and rural, have always been a strong presence. The move from Greenpoint, Brooklyn, in 1988, to a small rural town in the Rocky Mountain changed her focus from figurative to a different kind of human, the tree. Over the last ten years she has also spent part of each year painting old olive and cork trees in Spain and Portugal.