MARCH 2019, GALLERY 81435

Gallery 81435 in Telluride, Colorado presents Home Fire, an exhibit by Emily Palmquist during the month of March 2019. The Art Walk opening reception will take place Thursday, March 7, from 5 – 8 pm. 

Home Fire was composed alongside a series of moves that set Emily Palmquist voyaging from west to east and west again. This fluttering about left Palmquist and her work double-taking for a sense of place and connection. The results invite viewers to step into a narrative of mixed origins where the familiar comingles with the projected, the past, the day-dreamed, and other deviating realms.  

Serving as a rough-draft for introspection, these themes seemed to naturally inspire a return to the figure (literal or otherwise implied) and their relationship with whatever surrounds. Placed largely outdoors, Palmquist’s figures represent the inner experience woven among the workings of the external world. Various patterns and abstracting components offer to embody the connection and correspondence that takes place between the two. Additional elements that make their way into a painting are often experienced separately at the onset; for example - a horse, a wheelbarrow, some daffodils. Palmquist’s compositions develop through the piecework of discovering how these elements have the potential for great harmony and/or mystery on canvas. The resulting curations strive to share a mere visual likeness of what can only be described as a spiritual exploration.

Born and raised in northern Illinois, Emily Palmquist’s artistic quest began as early as her love for the woods, nature, and their quiet sense of connection. Twenty-nine years later, this cocktail of passions has matured into the backbone of her existence. From the Midwest, to New England where she achieved a BFA in painting and a greater appreciation for the outdoors, to Colorado where these life-long pursuits find a growing sense of harmony and potential, Palmquist continues to practice art and the Zen of rural life as her guide from here to there.

The show runs thru February 2019 at Gallery 81435, located at 230 S Fir Street in Telluride, Colorado. Open daily from 12-6 pm, or by appointment.