Cheers to another great project completed. 

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  • Projects must be shared with the Telluride community.

  • Projects must be completed within one calendar year of receiving funds unless by mutual, written agreement.

  • A final report must be submitted at the time of completion to release funds. Final 50% funds will be awarded when report is received.

  • Please acknowledge the Telluride Arts District and Town of Telluride for support for your project when and where possible.

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Did you meet your goals? Did your goals change? Did you exceed your expectations? Were you inspired? Challenged? Happy with your accomplishments? Please briefly tell us how the grant made a difference in your artistic development.
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What were the demographics of the people who engaged with or participated in your project?
Please let us know if there's anything we can do to improve our grantmaking process, and/or if we can continue to help you share your work with the community.