The Telluride Art Walk is a festive celebration of the arts in downtown Telluride for art lovers, community and friends.

Nineteen venues host receptions from 5-8 pm on first Thursdays to introduce their new exhibitions and artists. A free Gallery Guide offers a self-guided tour that can be used at any time to find galleries that are open most days. Gallery Guides are available at participating venues.

Opening receptions are First Thursdays from 5-8 pm.  

Look for the flags!

Current Show Descriptions. February 2019


Ah Haa School for the arts

Each February, the Ah Haa School for the Arts asks local and regional artists to creatively consider a specific theme for its annual regional exhibition, and 2019 is no exception. This year, Ah Haa challenged artists to think outside the box by working within one. For its 2019 juried exhibition, 12x12, artists were invited to explore the endless possibilities contained within the bounds of a 12” x 12” composition space. Regional artists located within 150 miles of Telluride have submitted works in all media: painting, ceramics, sculpture, printing, fiber, metals, photography, and beyond. 

An opening reception for 12x12 will take place in the Daniel Tucker Gallery at the Depot during the February Art Walk. During the opening, cash prizes will be awarded for first place ($500), second place ($250) and third place ($100). As well, the public will choose a people’s choice ($100) winner during the opening. The exhibition will remain on display through the month of February. 


Baked in telluride 

Michael Phelan is Baked in Telluride’s featured local artist and painting success story. Michael started painting several years ago with the Ah Haa School of Painting. This spring he'll be showing his work at a gallery in New York. Baked in Telluride is so pleased to be showing his large, colorful, acrylic paintings. He has truly found his voice in Telluride’s art community. 


crossbow leather

Madeline Porsella is a New York based interdisciplinary artist and designer. She studied studio art at Bard College and is currently the artist in residence at Steeprock Artist Guild outside Telluride, CO. Her work, informed by her experiences with art direction and interior design, focuses on the relationship between form and function in ceramic objects.  


Elinoff gallery

Elinoff Gallery carries a museum quality art collection, including works from some of the most celebrated names in the history of art. From Monet to Pissarro to Warhol, their fine art collection covers Impressionist works c.1860 - 1880 through the Pop art period of the 50’s and 60's. They also have lithographs, drawings, and etchings.


Gallery 81435

Gallery 81435 in Telluride, Colorado presents Make Room for Color, an exhibit by Ron Scharfe during the month of February 2019.  

Ron Scharfe’s abstract modern art paintings are the result of color and form interacting, and the beauty and movement emerging from their interplay. Scharfe is inspired by exploration. “When you explore, the unexpected happens: color upon color; form upon form…movement creating shapes, which are suddenly rearranged into some other order. Mimicking impermanence, revealing and yet disguising what lies beneath.” 
Ron Scharfe began painting in his 20s. He holds a B.A. in Fine Arts from Chicago Art Institute, has an associate degree in Interior Design, and has trained in color/design with Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Insititute and director of the Eiseman Color Institute. His background in modern art and his years of work as a design professional have given him a unique aesthetic sensibility that he is driven to express in his fine artworks.



Kamruz Gallery presents photography by local photographer Mary Kenez.



This February, La Cocina de Luz will feature Colorado native, Scotty Kenton. Scotty currently resides in Montrose, CO. Scotty loves to photograph local landscapes. He has a quirky side as you will see in his interesting takes on stars, cars, and yard art. His show features large gallery wraps as well as dazzling metal prints.  



Lustre Gallery will showcase two jewelry collections for Art Walk, the historic art nouveau jewelry of Lluis Masriera of Barcelona, Spain, and Jewelmer, lustrous golden South Sea Pearls from the Island of Palawan in the Philippines. These trunk shows will be featured at Lustre through February 12th, providing beautiful selections for Valentine’s Day. Masriera will debut the 2019 release of the collection Under the Sea



The Salon 

If the term “Salon Wall” sounds unfamiliar to you, don’t worry - you’ve probably seen one before. A very popular interior design trend in the last few years, salon walls are simply decorative walls of art populated with many diverse, small works, a series of creative juxtapositions that invite the viewer to consider the artwork in an entirely new way. Despite the recent uptick in the trend’s popularity, the origins of the salon wall actually date back to 18th century France, when it fundamentally changed the way we view and talk about art.  

The opening of the Paris Salons to the public in the mid-1700’s was the first time that art had been available for public viewing - and commentary - instead of sequestered in the palaces of the aristocracy. Economically crammed onto the walls of a single room at the Louvre, the salon wall was originally born out of necessity. With a wealth of fine art open to a new strata of social classes, art began to shift from the private domain of kings and queens to a subject of public discourse. In the spirit of the early salons, MiXX is inviting all Art Walk visitors to vote on their favorite works of art this February. With an eclectic mix of work from over 15 different artists, there will be plenty to look at and discuss, and MiXX is looking forward to hearing your thoughts on your favorites, and everything in between.  

In addition to the interactive voting on the opening night, MiXX will also be showcasing two other special events in conjunction with this month’s show. As a part of the February 7th Art Walk, local artist Rebecca McFarland will be giving a talk at 7pm. MiXX will also be hosting the long-awaited return of local favorite Britt Bradford for their closing reception on March 1st, from 5-8pm.  



Nectar Arts will be featuring art from Flair Robinson and Poe Nicodemus in February. Flair is a mixed media, installation, and mosaic artist working primarily with found objects and upcycled materials. She is informally educated, collecting knowledge from the traditional to the unusual, and is most influenced by visionary, self-taught and contemporary installation art. Robinson is a colorist, and is fascinated by the endless combinations of varying hues. She is most interested in colors found in early American folk art and vintage advertising, particularly from the 1940’s -1960’s. Many of the materials that she uses in her work come from these eras. She states, “I believe that each bit of junk creates a sense of nostalgia in the viewer. The pieces have lived their own lives and have their own energy; they have the power to take us back in time and to bring up memories”. Robinson works intuitively and viscerally. Many of her creative concepts come to her in her dreams. 

Poe Nicodemus is a mixed media artist influenced by natural sciences, science fiction, and myths—but they rely most of all on their wild imagination. Nothing pleases them more than to make real some impossible imaginary thing; to hold it in hand, or see it walk. When not playing mad scientist as a creature designer, they enjoy hikes in the woods, drinking tea, and reading. 

Poe has been working in theatrical design (props, costumes, & sets) for more than a decade, and in Telluride since moving to the area in 2014. Viewers may have seen their work featured in stage productions from Telluride Theatre, Young People’s Theatre, and the Palm, as well as in Telluride Aids Benefit’s 2018 Fashion Show. 



Play Planetfully 

Katie Rose is an Austin Native sharing her photography for the first time as a local Telluride artist. Her visual storytelling is an immersion into adventurous living that co-creates with wondrous cultures and environments. This show takes the art lover on a journey of awareness, bridging modern resources with the lands and hands that hold ancient wisdom.   



Slate Gray Gallery is featuring Christopher Peter, a Phoenix-raised contemporary artist that has recently relocated to Boston, MA, and his exhibit Convergence for the month of February. Convergence showcases Peter’s diverse and eclectic subject matter converging with his simplified yet sophisticated and consistent technique. The disciplines of figure painting, abstracts, and landscapes blur together to prescribe a more personal narrative between the viewer and the work. The traditional mediums of oils and acrylics converge with less conventional materials such as handmade papers, marbled textiles, and vintage roadmaps. Ultimately, Peter masterfully swirls traditional with contemporary, combining multiple elements and mediums to create the warmth and striking narrative in each of his works.  



“Never did I guess that when I began to travel the world to ride horses in different countries and cultures would my passion for the horse bring me success in the studio. What amazes me most about the partnership with a horse is that they allow us on their backs, but that is exactly what creates the tension in my paintings; the partnership between equine and human.  The images are larger than life yet intimate, and hopefully capture the beauty and power and grace of the horse, yet the horses are bitted and bound with reins.  The human factor is always present, but never within the frame except perhaps a suggestion, like a caressing hand... It is the special agreement and the spirit of both which make the paintings shine with light and life.” – Nancy B. Frank, Featured Artist



Telluride Arts’ HQ gallery in Telluride, CO presents, From Ground to Sky, a solo photography exhibit by Matt Kroll. The show will be on display beginning February 2, 2019 and runs through the month of February 2019.  
From Ground to Sky features a collection of unique images from the Telluride area showcasing some of the most beautiful views and mountains in the area, along with simple and eloquent details of Southwestern Colorado’s forested lands. 
Matt Kroll is a landscape and fine art photographer based in Telluride, CO. His photography is inspired by vast mountains, desert, and ocean landscapes as well as the beauty that comes with the simple and finer parts of the world. From black and white, minimalist photographs to vibrant colorful landscapes, his photography captures a unique view of our world. 



Winter Highlights

New and recent works from Telluride Gallery's stable.

Telluride gallery is pleased to exhibit a selection from nine artists, Gordon Brown, Christian Burchard, Catherine Courtenaye, Rebecca Crowell, Krista Harris, James Hayward, Kristin Beinner James, Daniel Mendel-Black and Shawna Moore, working in a variety of media: wood, acrylic, oil and encaustic. The staff's favorite jewelry pieces for Valentine's Day gifts are also on display along with a special Carnal Chocolates Pop-Up Shop.



Spring is just around the corner! Celebrate with the beautiful bird and flower paintings by acclaimed artist Shirley Novak. Meet and visit with Shirley and her husband, painter Ralph Oberg, at the Turquoise Door Gallery during Art Walk. Light refreshments will be served.