The Telluride Art Walk is a festive celebration of the arts in downtown Telluride for art lovers, community and friends.

Nineteen venues host receptions from 5-8 pm on first Thursdays to introduce their new exhibitions and artists. A free Gallery Guide offers a self-guided tour that can be used at any time to find galleries that are open most days. Gallery Guides are available at participating venues.

Opening receptions are First Thursdays from 5-8 pm.  

Look for the flags!

Current Show Descriptions. AUGUST 2019


Ah haa school for the arts

POP-UP ART PARTY: Come Create with Ah Haa Expand your Art Walk experience with some art-making at Ah Haa! For one night only, Ah Haa will host a collection of “Creation Stations”, open to kids and adults alike. Come try your hand at some quick creative activities and bring some art home.

AVEDA is pleased to feature works by Kellie Day, who will be showing her songbirds, and summer flowers, combining a spray paint foundation, with layers of delicate collage and illustration to capture the quick movements of the songbirds. Origami papers and gold details express the delicate wings.

Kellie is a mixed media painter, and and Art Educator for Golden Paints. She has licensed her work for The North Face, Trader Joe’s greeting card line, Alpinist Magazine and more. Her work can be seen at the Skol Gallery in Ouray, Colorado, and at the 610 Arts Collective Shop in Ridgway, Colorado.

Baked in Telluride.jpg

Baked in telluride 

Baked in Telluride is thrilled to have Jerry Oyama showing his colorful acrylic paintings again this year! His bold, textural approach to subjects such as jazz musicians, colors found in nature, and portraiture... will hold your attention. The gallery walls will be filled with Oyama’s large, spectacular paintings. Stop in for cookies & coffee and enjoy this fun show.


Christie’s Real estate

Making art for Daniel Kanow is a meditation. He loves to paint, draw, and sculpt expressively and figuratively. Daniel’s interest lies in the deep places of emotion that tell personal and universal narratives of fear, pain, love and beauty. Daniel’s process is dynamic and he invites the viewer to immerse themselves into their own stories so that the artwork may create a personal resonance. 

Daniel Kanow lives in Telluride, Colorado with his family. He is the Visual Arts Department Head at the Telluride Mountain School. Concurrently, he is pursuing his MFA in Painting and Drawing from the Academy of Art University in CA. Art, family, wilderness, and teaching are his anchors for inspiration and motivation, enlarging his horizons of creativity and opportunity.


Crossbow Leather

Crossbow Leather presents Wildwoods Colorado by Teale Cook. Teale Cook was born and raised off-grid just outside Telluride. Spending the majority of her life outdoors, she has always been inspired by the shapes and textures that exist in the natural world.  This inspiration has translated to her leather jewelry.  She enjoys taking natural shapes and simplifying them to a more modern silhouette. Out of her love for handmade and high quality leather products, she recently joined the Crossbow Leather team in hopes to learn more about the craft.

Elinoff (1).JPG

Elinoff gallery

Elinoff Gallery carries a museum quality art collection, including works from some of the most celebrated names in the history of art. From Monet to Pissarro to Warhol, their fine art collection covers Impressionist works c.1860 - 1880 through the Pop art period of the 50’s and 60's. They also have lithographs, drawings, and etchings.

Engel and Volker.JPG

Engel & Völker Real Estate

Engel & Völker Real Estate presents artists Rita Bakos and Tom Bakos.  They enjoy attracting observers with their nontraditional, subtle, mind jolting assemblies of materials into the art those materials could not quite manage to be on their own.  

Rita and Tom work, mostly, independent of each other, usually sharing nothing but their opinions – on their respective nontraditional views of art, that is.  In lamp making, however, Tom lends his considerable understanding of wood and of how electricity can be utilized to light the path from bed to bath while Rita uses her considerable understanding of how porcelain can be used to shade that path.  In other words, they compliment each other. Rita and Tom reside and work in in their shops in Ridgway, CO.

Gallery 81435.png

Gallery 81435

Gallery 81435 presents Micheline Klagsbrun’s latest body of mixed media work on paper which originated in a found object: a ledger containing observations of the 1874 Transit of Venus, a phenomenon occurring every 243 years when the planet Venus moves across the face of the sun, twice.

Astronomers over the centuries, dating back 5000 years ago to the Sumerians, have tracked her movements, and seen her as divine. The Transit of Venus becomes an entry point into a variety of inter-related ideas, celestial and astronomical, scientific and mythological, all of which become themes in the work. The depths of ocean and cosmos are evoked by Klagsbrun's creative use of cyanotype, a 19th century photographic printing technique that produces deep indigo shades over which she layers drawings in ink and pencil.



Kamruz Gallery features photography from Mary Kenez and local painters that capture the spirit of Telluride and Southwest Colorado.



La Cocina presents Jen Rose, an Ophir based watercolor artist. Her paintings reveal the magic of the San Juan Mountains and other local landscapes. She has a unique style of watercoloring that draws from her roots as a batik artist. 



Lustre Gallery will celebrate the release of Lluis Masriera’s “Under the Sea” 2019 jewelry collection with a special trunk show through Sunday.  Originally designed in the art nouveau period, these jewels bear the time honored pliqué a jour enamel that Masriera is renowned for and celebrate aquatic life, real and imagined.   In addition, Lustre will showcase a beautiful selection of golden South Sea pearls, sustainably farmed in Southern Palawan, Philippines. 

MiXX 2.jpg


Featuring work by Sarah Winkler, Ellen Koment, and Katie Heffelfinger, our August show, Grounded explores the titular concept from physical, cultural, and geological perspectives across a variety of media. In a unique and intensely physical way, Ellen Koment’s dynamic encaustic paintings are grounded via the media itself. Through her energetic pouring method, hot wax cools and bonds to paper, creating a new substance from two inextricably linked materials. Katie Heffelfinger’s mixed media watercolors are conceptually linked to the theme in a more spiritual way. Rooted in the artistic traditions of the Australian Aboriginal people, her pieces pay homage to cultural practices that have existed for centuries. Finally, Colorado-based Sarah Winkler’s striking abstract mountainscapes play with this theme in the most literal way. Influenced by her background in earth science, Sarah’s paintings employ different paint pouring techniques to mimic geological stratification, and even contain splashes of groundwater and flecks of native minerals. Sarah Winkler will be on-site for this month’s Art Walk, and will be engaging in a discussion of her work at 7pm, so make sure to join us on Thursday, August 1st for a first look at Grounded. 

Nectar Arts.jpg


Does life have more value when we add humanness to it?

Michelle Montague moved to Telluride, Colorado in 1986 from Buffalo, NY. She has remained here since, not only for the natural beauty, but the alternative lifestyle that the area offers. She draws influence from how we see or choose not to see the current state of affairs in our environment, and how humans interact with the world around us. 

Michelle’s artistic career includes working for many years with The Ah Haa School for the Arts in Telluride, first learning and then teaching. Like most art, this body of work is about perspective. We often hold our views rigidly, that if we change our perspective just a few degrees we can see things from a different place, therefore differently. 

Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 2.34.49 PM.png

ON MAIN & Nested

ON MAIN is a new to Telluride Art Walk, presenting Sediment by Beverly Crilly. This series explores how our surroundings are built over time, grown and erased layers formed, eroded, and moved. All journeys reflect this process, as do Crilly's oil and cold wax paintings. Beverly Crilly lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

Picaya 2.jpeg


Picaya presents original work by The Art Boyz. Discovered in 2013, The Art Boyz are a group of youths who have been painting together as a way of life to divert from the hardships of living in the slum of Mukuru, Nairobi. A documentary film was created about the artists with the goal of sharing their hardships and how art transforms the human spirit regardless of living conditions, so now their talents which have been hidden and are being appreciated by audiences around the world. Picaya is excited to bring their wonderful art to Telluride.

Slate Gray.jpeg


Slate Gray Gallery presents Gone Global, an exhibit featuring Brazilian born and French residing sculptor, Mozart Guerra, and a fine jewelry collection by the mother-daughter duo, Sloane Street. Both artists are represented internationally, with Guerra often exhibited in France, Germany, and Belgium. The Sloane Street Collection's own name comes from the famed street in London, which boarders the aristocratic neighborhoods of Knightsbridge, Belgravia, and Chelsea, a fashion district that shaped the artistic vision of the familial team. Guerra’s works are inspired by his good nature and observance, portraying the ambiguous relationship between man and nature, one of simultaneous admiration and destruction. 



“Never did I guess that when I began to travel the world to ride horses in different countries and cultures would my passion for the horse bring me success in the studio. What amazes me most about the partnership with a horse is that they allow us on their backs, but that is exactly what creates the tension in my paintings; the partnership between equine and human.  The images are larger than life yet intimate, and hopefully capture the beauty and power and grace of the horse, yet the horses are bitted and bound with reins.  The human factor is always present, but never within the frame except perhaps a suggestion, like a caressing hand... It is the special agreement and the spirit of both which make the paintings shine with light and life.” – Nancy B. Frank, Featured Artist

Telluride Arts HQ.png


Telluride Arts is partnering with New Orleans artists to bring their work to Telluride at the Telluride Arts HQ Gallery. Featured artists include: Niki Fisk, David Borgerding, Karoline Schleh, Gogo Borgerding, Buloya Arlyn Sanchez, Joe Fleming, Erika Goldring, and Bradley Sabin.

Telluride Gallery 2.jpg


Telluride Gallery proudly presents Carl Marcus, a longtime member of the Telluride community, and his newest collection of altered landscape photographs. Marcus' sensitive eye finds color and pattern in nature which he alters to create dreamlike images. Caleb Cain Marcus’ photographs are not visual reproductions but references to how we conceptualize thoughts and feelings. Unique marks are applied to the surface of his photographs by using the motion of a pendulum and a grease pencil swung by a string. His prints have been collected by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Getty Museum, the High Museum of Art, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, among other institutions. He received his MFA from Columbia University. Both artists will be in attendance from 5-8pm.

Tony Newlin.jpg


The Turquoise Door Gallery will be featuring interpretive landscapes in oils by Christine Lashley and Susie Hyer.

Tourquoise Door Gallery.jpg

Tony newlin Gallery

The Tony Newlin Gallery will be featuring the nature and wildlife photography of Tony Newlin including two new release images, Yellow Brick Road, Winter Aspens, and Spring Hillside. The gallery will also be featuring the functional sculptural artwork of James Vilona (which he refers to as “Jewelry for your home”).

Screen Shot 2019-07-25 at 11.58.00 AM.png

Voodoo Studio’s artists in residence will feature selected works in various mediums. David Brankley will be showcasing his plein air oil paintings, Brandon Berkel’s quirky and engaging collages will fill the studio walls, Amy Schilling’s beautifully crafted jewelry will be on display, and don’t miss trying out one of Brooke Einbender’s Virtual Reality paintings.