The Telluride Art Walk is a festive celebration of the arts in downtown Telluride for art lovers, community and friends.

Nineteen venues host receptions from 5-8 pm on first Thursdays to introduce their new exhibitions and artists. A free Gallery Guide offers a self-guided tour that can be used at any time to find galleries that are open most days. Gallery Guides are available at participating venues.

Opening receptions are First Thursdays from 5-8 pm.  

While typically occurring on first Thursdays, the JULY 2019 Art Walk will take place on FRIDAY, JULY 5 due to the 4th of July holiday falling on the first Thursday.

Look for the flags!

Current Show Descriptions. June 2019

Ah Haa.jpg

Ah haa school for the arts

Ah Haa School for the Arts presents Jerry Oyama’s exhibition “Music is Vitamin of the Heart” - English sign in a music store in Nihonmatsu, Japan. The opening reception takes place during the Art Walk and the show runs through June 28th.


Baked in telluride 

Local, long-time resident and artist, Leslie Ross Crane will be exhibiting her latest oil paintings from the Telluride area, as well as from her winters on the Baja coast. This new fresh approach reflects her love of learning new techniques and finding the perfect scenes that we can all relate to. Although she's only been oil painting for 10 years, her colorful paintings will impress you! Baked in Telluride is very pleased to have Leslie back for her third art exhibition.


Christie’s Real estate

Christie’s International Real Estate presents local artist, Brooke Einbender, mind-bending abstract oil paintings. Brooke began this body of work when she moved to Telluride in September 2018. This series captures Brooke’s painting journey as she explores her artistic voice and develops her unique style. When starting a painting, Brooke has no vision what the end result should look like. She lets her intuition be the guide as her process shifts between chaos and order, organic and geometric shapes, irregularity and symmetry, and frustration and satisfaction.


Elinoff gallery

Elinoff Gallery carries a museum quality art collection, including works from some of the most celebrated names in the history of art. From Monet to Pissarro to Warhol, their fine art collection covers Impressionist works c.1860 - 1880 through the Pop art period of the 50’s and 60's. They also have lithographs, drawings, and etchings.


Gallery 81435

Artwork displayed at Gallery 81435 was organized and curated by the 2019 Mountainfilm Festival. Favianna Rodriguez is an interdisciplinary artist, cultural strategist, and social justice activist based in Oakland, California. Her art and praxis address migration, economic inequality, gender justice, sexual freedom and ecology. Her practice boldly reshapes the myths, ideas, and cultural practices of the present, while confronting the wounds of the past.  Favianna’s signature mark-making embodies the perspective of a first-generation American Latinx artist with Afro-Latinx roots who grew up in working-class Oakland, California during the birth of internet, and in the midst of an era of anti-immigrant hate and the war on drugs.  As part of her practice, Favianna leads art interventions around the United States. Her artistic modalities include social practice, visual art, arts advocacy and institution building . Favianna collaborates deeply with social movements to co-create visual narratives and cultural strategies that are resilient and transformative. 



Kamruz Gallery presents photography by local photographer Mary Kenez.

La Cocina 2.jpg


La Cocina de Luz presents mixed media works by Kellie Day. Kellie combines illustration, collage, acrylic, spray paint, stencils, and anything else that inspires her in the moment when exploring elements of mountain living in Colorado. Her  work gives the gift of capturing a moment you might walk by, and giving you an experience with that beauty.

In this show, you’ll see two series – one of the local mountains, and a more delicate series of fish and birds in our Colorado streams and trees. I am incredibly moved by the patterns and flow of these creatures.

She is a Colorado mom living in Ridgway, Colorado, and has been lucky enough to make art for companies like Trader Joe's greeting cards, The North Face, and Alpinist Magazine. Kellie is an Art Educator for Golden Paints, and an Art Mentor for women who want to go from dabbling in art, to professional quality painting. Her work can also be seen at the Skol Gallery in Ouray, Colorado.



Lustre Gallery will celebrate the glasswork of David Patchen for the last Art Walk of the season. Lustre recently added several new pieces to their collection including Bloom. According to David, “Bloom are organic forms that reveal something unexpected and precious that reward close inquiry. Bloom are natural but non-representational and intentionally somewhat curious and hard to place”. David Patchen is an American glass artist and designer based in San Francisco, who uses the techniques of cane and murine in an American style and his work is known for its combination of complexity and scale in densely patterned glass. David’s work is placed in many private and public collections internationally, featured in many publications and has won awards in juried shows such as SOFA, Chicago, ART Shanghai and ART Palm Beach.



Ushering in the summer season, MiXX projects + atelier presents Understory, featuring Luis Bivar, Julia Lucey, Minas Halaj, Kari Serrao, and Lauren Matsumoto, a diverse group of artists working across a variety of media. In a celebration of a return to green after last year’s drought, the lush florals and whimsical fauna that comprise the work of our five artists reflect the abundance of life in the forest’s most biodiverse layer, the understory.

In a fitting parallel, the breadth of media represented in this exhibition is just as diverse. Melding found image collage and acrylic paint, Luis Bivar’s mixed media works draw the viewer into his vibrant forest worlds. Employing a very different form of the same medium, Julia Lucey’s densely detailed collages of her original aquatint etchings are just as easy to lose oneself in. Showcasing yet another take on the medium, Lauren Matsumoto’s oil paintings contain little moments of collage, subtly incorporated within her masterful painting. Minas Halaj’s florid mixed media portraits add a human element to the mix, his subjects’ faces partially obscured by intricately painted butterflies. Finally, Kari Serrao’s striking encaustic paintings are an excellent contrast to the busy forestscapes, offering a bit of breathing room with her thought-provoking animal portraits. With Understory, we invite you to take a walk along the forest floor and lose yourself in the woods, if only for a moment.

Nectar Arts Gallery.jpg


Nectar Arts presents: 'ENDANGERED' by Luciblue. Called by the need for change, Alyssa was inspired to create jewelry that will remind us to treasure our most precious gems - the species of our earth.  'ENDANGERED' is culmination of the artist's lifelong love of animals and jewelry making. Over 41,000 species are on the ICUN red list and over 16,000 of those are threatened with extinction. 20% of proceeds from the 'ENDANGERED' line will be donated to support organizations dedicated to saving and protecting threatened species around the globe.



Picaya will be featuring local, owner, and founder of Living Tea, Colin Hudon. Colin developed Living Tea through his lifelong immersion in Tea and Tao.  As an herbalist, acupuncturist, and practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, he discovered through the Tea ceremony a means of sharing the extraordinary depth of these Oriental Traditions in the West. In Taoist herbalism, Tea is considered a "shen" or spirit tonic through its ability to calm the mind, open the heart, remove energetic stagnation and connect us with Nature. However, the western world has learned of Tea only as a beverage grown from small bushes on plantations, rather than large, old-growth trees in wild forests containing such powerful properties. With a strong wish to learn more about formal Tea ceremony and the traditions from which the Tea ceremony emerged, Colin travelled to Asia in 2010 in "search of Tea." After many months of travel, he discovered a living tradition (Global Tea Hut) and teamaster in Taiwan. Following the cultivation and craft of Cha Tao, he sought to offer Tea to others as a form of moving meditation and living art. Thousands of tea ceremonies later, Living Tea continues to share this way, these old-growth trees and this ancient tradition with you.

Slate Gray Gallery 2.jpg


Slate Gray is proud to present Andrew Brown’s exhibition, Chaos & Order. A Southwest Colorado native, Andrew is the son of landscape artist, Gordon Brown. Forging his own unique path in painting, Andrew pushes the boundaries of his abstract expressionist work with chaotic textures brought into order through vivid layers. Through his constant experimentation with techniques, Brown constantly grows and hones his craft.



“Never did I guess that when I began to travel the world to ride horses in different countries and cultures would my passion for the horse bring me success in the studio. What amazes me most about the partnership with a horse is that they allow us on their backs, but that is exactly what creates the tension in my paintings; the partnership between equine and human.  The images are larger than life yet intimate, and hopefully capture the beauty and power and grace of the horse, yet the horses are bitted and bound with reins.  The human factor is always present, but never within the frame except perhaps a suggestion, like a caressing hand... It is the special agreement and the spirit of both which make the paintings shine with light and life.” – Nancy B. Frank, Featured Artist

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 11.46.10 AM.png


The Telluride Arts HQ Gallery will be displaying photography by Jim Herrington - a collaborative exhibit organized by Mountainfilm. Jim Herrington is a photographer whose portraits of celebrities including Benny Goodman, Willie Nelson, The Rolling Stones, Cormac McCarthy, Morgan Freeman and Dolly Parton have appeared on the pages of Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, Esquire, GQ, Outside and The New York Times as well as on scores of album covers. For nearly two decades and while traveling to ten countries, Herrington created a portrait series of early-to-mid 20th Century mountain climbing legends. The result is the book­ The Climbers, a collection of sixty black-and-white photographs that document these rugged individualists, including the likes of Royal Robbins, Reinhold Messner, Yvon Chouinard and Riccardo Cassin. Between the 1920s and 1970s these determined men and women used primitive gear along with their considerable wits, talent, and fortitude to tackle unscaled peaks around the world.

Telluride Gallery 2.jpg


R. Nelson Parrish & David Benjamin Sherry

And Meet Studio Jeweler Sandra Frias

Parrish’s sculptural pieces are handcrafted of wood, aerospace aluminum and layered bio-resin, infused with splashes of vibrant color and racing stripes. The narratives depicted in Parrish’s work are conceptual and aesthetic tributes to seminal moments of expression or intense feeling, often triggered by nature. Parrish seizes the essence of the moment and portrays its emotional story. David Benjamin Sherry uses a large format 8x10 film camera to reflect and contemplate our place within the contemporary American landscape. Sherry is best known for his iconic monochromatic darkroom printed landscapes, a project born from his love of the outdoors and the protected natural landscapes of North America. His passion has developed into new projects that aim to raise deeper concerns for the rapidly changing environment. His work has been featured in many prominent international publications and venues, as well as the permanent collections of LACMA, Walker Art Center, Whitney, and Cornell Fine Arts Museum.

Sandra Frias has operated her jewelry studio in Brazil for over 40 years. Her contemporary and groundbreaking designs highlight native Brazilian gemstones and are inspired by Brazil's diverse ecology. She has won numerous awards and has exhibited internationally. Telluride Gallery was the first gallery in the US to represent her work over 15 years ago. Meet the artist during Artwalk from 5-8.



The Turquoise Door Gallery will be featuring new works by Colorado native, Ralph Oberg. Come in and enjoy the works of some of Western Colorado's most famous artists at The Turquoise Door Gallery, 226 W Colorado Avenue, right across from the New Sheridan Hotel.

Tony Newlin Gallery_SpringHillside.jpg

Tony newlin Gallery

The Tony Newlin Gallery will be featuring two new release images, Winter Aspens and Spring Hillside. We will also be featuring the functional sculptural artwork of James Vilona.