Fawn Atencio

September 2019 | Gallery 81435

Gallery 81435 is pleased to feature Fawn Atencio for her solo exhibit, “Selected Territories”, on display through the month of September 2019. The Art Walk opening reception will be held Thursday, September 5, 5-8 pm.  

Fawn Atencio has recently been exploring how we connect to land as a form of identity. “I am interested in how places tell stories, create memories, and transfer meaning,” says Atencio. Growing up in Colorado, her grandparents were avid fishermen and women who, year after year took Atencio and her siblings to explore, fish, and camp in the Rio Grande National Forest. “The landscape seemed very magical to me as a child. It wasn’t until I spent an extensive period of time Asia and northern Africa as an adult, that I realized how much of my identity is formed by the American Western landscape.”

In her current work, experiences from India, China, and Africa merge with memories from a once-pristine West. They construct ideal and dream-like landscapes, which incorporate a romance of the West and impressions of the East. This union has served as inspiration for the artist’s work with a shift from traditional printmaking into painting, not to record, but to retell as it’s remembered.

Fawn Atencio was born in Colorado and is a contemporary artist and educator. Teaching intermittently, she has served as a guest artist at Denver University, a lecturer guest at Plymouth State University, Plymouth New Hampshire, and served as a guest artist at CU Boulder. Fawn exhibits her work throughout the United States and abroad, and has work in private and public collections. Atencio organizes an annual printmaking portfolio exchange which travels and exhibits internationally. Collections and exhibitions of prints may be seen at