March 2, 2016 - May 20, 2016

“I have never considered man to be separate from the environment, either physically or spiritually. All aspects of life and existence are intertwined and interdependent, an idea that was only confirmed by my study of biology in college. A reverence and concern for the planet is not a concern for something external to our selves.” 

 The exhibit, “Second Nature,” is comprised of pieces – both paintings and sculptures, from Dibbs’ series, “Anthropocene” and “Metanarrative”. Both series explore the dynamic and intriguing relationship between man and nature.  

 “Anthropocene” refers to our current geological era, which is marked by the effects of mankind. This body of work explores the complicated relationship between the natural world and mankind’s endeavors.  

 Tania Dibbs is an artist based in the Roaring Fork Valley near Aspen. At the beginning of her career, she was a landscape painter, but upon learning the skill of capturing nature accurately, she realized the style was meaningless and pretty landscapes seemed irrelevant to the status quo. The relationships between Mankind, his endeavors and ambitions, and the physical world are what Dibbs is exploring in this work. 

The show runs until May 20th at Gallery 81435, located at 230 S Fir Street in Telluride, Colorado. Open daily from 12-6pm or by appointment. 

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