This month we feature dancers Danielle Jenkins and Stephanie Osan, who are on the brink of debuting their project, The Way Between. This original show is funded in part by the Telluride Arts' Small Grants for Artists program, and so with great pleasure, we ask them a little about themselves and their favorite things. 

Danielle moved here in the winter of 2012 to work as a children’s ski instructor for the season. That winter she danced in Telluride Theatre’s performance of Hair and has called Telluride home ever since. You may know her from theatre gigs and working for Telluride Academy but you’ll soon know her from the Telluride Dance Collective. Her favorite thing about Telluride? “Our community shows up en masse for every type of event with incredible enthusiasm.”
And then there is Stephanie, who I headed west from Austin and landed in Telluride in 2013. She works from home as a web designer, so most likely you’ll find her when she’s away from her computer in rehearsal and on stage performing with Telluride Theatre. Her favorite thing about Telluride? “This is a place of magical opportunity; anything can happen here in a way that’s unique and precious. Danielle and I have been supported by so many people and organizations in making our upcoming dance performance happen; I can’t imagine starting a dance company anywhere else.”
Here is “A few of our favorite things…” with Danielle and Stephanie.

Guilty Pleasure.
D: Butter Brew at Ghost Town. 
S: Reggaeton.

Dance move.
D: Everything’s better with Hairography. 
S: Asking a dancer her favorite dance move is like asking a painter her favorite color—how could I pick just one?!
Travel experience.
D: Last year my boyfriend and I traveled the U.S. for six months while living in our van, Miranda DeVanda. It was a ridiculous adventure and the time away made coming home to Telluride all the sweeter. 
S: Hitting the beach in Thailand after escaping the Nepali earthquake on my honeymoon.
Time of day.
D: Walking out of rehearsal knowing the rest of the night is my own. 
S: Early morning. It’s the time of day that feels full of possibility, and I feel most inspired, creative and productive.
Ice cream flavor.
D: All ice cream, all the time. 
S: Ben and Jerry’s Phish food. Chocolate, caramel, fudge—swoon.
Thrift store find.
D: I’m a pretty unimpressive thrifter…. My best free box find was a spectacular Parrot costume (recently featured in Telluride Theatre Sings!) 
S: Four skeins of really lovely wool yarn, ready to be knit up into a shawl.
Telluride festival.
D: Seems like every year I’m surprised by a different festival. This summer the Hispanic Women’s Project put Playwright’s Festival on my radar, and Chamber Music Fest partnering with Ballet Collective blew my mind. 
S: Mountainfilm. Although I also love Jazz fest.

Danielle and Stephanie are just two of the amazing creatives living in Telluride. Click below to discover more.