This month we feature an artist couple, happily married Allie and Nathan Scherich. To shake things up a bit, we asked them to answer the questions for each other to just how well they know their spouse. But first a little background from Allie.
When did you move to Telluride?
We just moved our family (we have 5-year-old twin boys) from New York to Telluride in May.  Nathan lived here, and was a ski instructor, Mountain School teacher, and Telluride Rep performer (most-notably as a memorable Frank N Furter, for which he will still get recognized on the street!) from 2000-2002.  He left Telluride to pursue the bright lights of Broadway, and met me when we were cast in a show together in PA right after leaving town. He started bringing me here right away, and naturally, I fell in love with Telluride. We started coming as often as possible, got engaged on the gondola, had our rehearsal dinner at The Corner House, and got married at Gorrono. It's been a dream of ours to move here for years, and when the Artistic Director of the Young People's Theater position opened up, we leapt at the chance to make this happen.
What do you love most about Telluride?
What's not to love about Telluride?! The beautiful setting is magical, the community is so welcoming and supportive, and it's a small town with access to such huge and varied offerings. I'm blown away by how much support the arts community gets in this town, something that is so close to our hearts.

What’s your favorite thing you've done since moving here?
Favorite things we've done since moving here: being able to introduce hiking to our boys and enjoying it as a family. Also, YPT's Lion King summer camp was my favorite week of the summer! Nathan and I worked on that together, which was fun, and I can't wait to be able to spend more time with the awesome kids of Telluride!
So there it is. Now we ask Allie and Nathan to answer the questions for each other (think Newlywed Game). Here's what they said. 
Ideal date? A: The Durango Brew Train. We just learned that such a thing exists! N: Take-out Chinese followed by a glass of wine on the couch while watching some crappy reality TV like Bachelor or Real Housewives. 
Favorite breakfast cereal?  A: He much prefers eggs and bacon, which he is in charge of cooking in our house. He's an awesome breakfast cook! N: She eats all cereals and at any hour of the day.
First thing your spouse would buy if you won the lottery? A: A brewery. N: A knitting/quilting shop.
Favorite thing ever created?  A: Probably our children, Oliver & Elliot.  Or, some pulled pork he made in our barrel smoker. N: Probably our boys, Oliver and Elliot. 
If you could describe your spouse in one word, what word would it be? A: Lighthearted N: Wholesome
Favorite play?  A: Hamilton N: Thoroughly Modern Millie
What's your spouse's favorite thing about you? A: I'd imagine it would be hard for him to pick just one of my many amazing qualities... ;) N: My sad, sad facial hair when I don't shave for a while.

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