Stash moved to Telluride in 1992 after a serendipitous series of events that included, getting laid-off, the Blizzard of Aahhh's and an in-flight magazine. Ten years later he had his first film in Mountainfilm. Twenty-four years later you can still find him here, skiing, biking, heading up operations at Mountainfilm and just being, well… cool. If you know him, you love him. When I asked Stash what his favorite thing about the Telluride community was, his answer as poignant and introspective. “Telluride is bigger than it is. It has a large impact for being such a small town.” He was speaking simply of the brilliant minds that create here, the thriving community that survives here, and the unpretentious identity that Telluride maintains even as it grows and changes.

Here is Best of Three with Stash Wislocki...

Morning, noon, or night? 
Morning. I’m old. It’s part of my contract with society that I get up early and annoy my wife who sleeps too late. Besides, it’s a great excuse to duck out of parties early.
Poetic, expository, or observational? 
I think you need some hybrid of all three to make great docs. Before digital filmmaking came along, most docs where observational and, well boring. There are a few films that broke the norm and did it well. One was "When We Were Kings" which still one of my all time favs. The raise of digital filmmaking has given filmmaker so much more freedom. For me, it all changed when I saw “Dogtown and Z-Boys”. This film just seemed to push docs in a more daring direction. 

City, country, or beach? 
I love all three. I live in the country, but man, it feels great to go to the city and beach. If anyone knows a place where all three exist together let me know, I’m all ears.
Radio, album, or Spotify?
Definitely Spotify, which gives you access to all the songs of the world. KOTO still holds a special place in my heart and I love the news team! For some unexplainable reason, they just make me laugh.
Dark, bright, or neutral?
Are we talking personalities, or lighting? If personalities, I started dark became light and feel like I am moving towards neutral. Maybe it’s that getting old thing again. Hmmm, I guess its the same as lighting, neutral is just easier.
Breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

I love to eat and I hate titles. I’ll stick with what Shultz said from Hogans Hero’s “I never try to take sides in a time of war”. 
Black, sugar, or cream?
With cream, no sugar. I am sweet enough.
Bike, hike, or chill?
Biking is the only respectable answer to your question, I'll pretend you didn’t ask about the other two options. 


Stash is just one of the many talented artists that live and create in the Telluride Arts District.