Sasha is a Telluride staple. Her passion for Theatre and the arts have brought a vibrancy and excitement to our community that concurrently bled its way into our hearts and the hearts of anyone who has experienced one of her productions. Actress, director, screenwriter, she is a woman of many talents. This month, we are excited to highlight Sasha and dig up a bit from her past.
Here is, “For the First and Last Time!” with Sasha Sullivan.
Had a good laugh
First: Comedy is my passion; I think I entered this world laughing. 
Last: Luckily, I'm married to someone who makes me cry laughing every day. Last night, watching RuPaul's Drag Race at the Beaver/Berg house, Colin went into some insane monologue about his planned practices of baby care. It was brilliant and ridiculous and beyond funny. 

Peed a little (Good or bad)
First: I don't know about peed, but I do have a good pooped a little (bad) story... but I'll keep that under wraps for now.
Last: I am almost 8 months pregnant as I write this, so, "peed a little" is my middle name.

Were proud of yourself
First: see below...
Last: I am a perfectionist, always striving to be/get better.  Maybe this is a flaw, but its how I work as an artist.  It is what keeps me going, a quest.  Pride is something that I feel for others and their accomplishments.  
*Addendum... I realize this sounds awful, so here I go. Mustering some pride. UGH! AHHHHH!!!! Jeez. “I, Sasha Sullivan am very proud of the fact that I just directed 5 shows (and wrote 1) during the first 7 1/2 months of this pregnancy.  I am proud that I was able to enter a creative space like no other - making work for our community to enjoy while creating life inside. “
Met your match (literal or in competition) 
First: Myself.
Last: Colin Sullivan.  

Cried during a film/play
First: The first time I was onstage in a show was when I was 3 years old, playing one of the snow children in the musical Carousel. I remember wanting to act SO bad and taking the whole thing very seriously. Each night I would make myself cry when everyone sings When You Walk Through a Storm at the end. Very dramatic. 
Last: The closing night of our most recent musical Hands on a Hardbody. I sat in the booth, running lights and sound and just sobbed through the whole show - because of its beauty, because of everyone's hard work, because we became a true ensemble, because the musical is just so damn good, and because it was over. 

Were out of your element
First: One time that really stands out was a trip to Russia my freshman year in high school. A group of students and teachers travelled for two weeks right after communism fell and the country was in complete disarray. Coming from suburban NJ it was an eye opener - food was scarce, the ruble had no value, people were selling everything they had on the street -  it was like a different planet. I learned so much on that trip about humanity, humility, history... and hold it very near.
Last: Every time I start working on a new show/project I feel out of my element.  Its like I have never directed, written, produced before and I start fresh - full of fear and wonder, joy and anticipation, creativity and dreams. 


Sasha is just one of the many talented artists that live and create in the Telluride Arts District.