November 30, 2016 - January 31, 2017


  1. Australian Aboriginal mythology. A path across the land (or sometimes the sky) marking the route followed by an Aboriginal ancestor made during the Dreaming; often recorded in traditional songs, stories, dance and painting. 

Songline, named appropriately for the mythological Aboriginal calling to follow a mysterious dream track, is a show about Stephanie’s own creative walkabout. “I have embarked on a journey into my own art process and have created imagery that illustrates some significant discoveries along the way.” This allegorical body of work is the continuation of an ongoing theme centered on relationships between land, humans, animals and the great unknown.   

Stephanie Morgan Rogers, born and raised in Seattle, is a fine artist who is known for her illustrative, whimsical yet sophisticated style.  She often paints on metal, encouraging a patina that evokes layers of history to her pieces.  Inspired by myth, history, folklore and spirit, Stephanie’s work has been described as a seamless blend of old world ambience and American folk art. Her work has been featured in Mountain Living, Vogue Living, Sundance as well as some commercial endeavors such as Starbucks.  She lives on a small ranch in Ridgway, Colorado with her husband Tate, three children and an extended family of the animal type of whom she calls her muses.  

The show runs until January 31, 2017 at Telluride Arts HQ Gallery, located at 135 W Pacific in Telluride, Colorado. Open daily from 12-6pm or by appointment.   

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