Richard Lowenberg has been a pioneering media + new-forms artist for 50 years, and continues to work at the forefront of eco-cultural initiatives locally and globally.   He serves on the Board of Santa Fe based CURRENTS: International New Media Festival. Based in Telluride from 1979 to 1996, Richard worked on Mountain Village and regional planning, facilitated the community’s earliest involvements in digital and networked media arts, and with Telluride Institute, initiated the InfoZone and worked for over 12 years to bring the best in global culture to mix it up at 8745’+.

Richard and Morgan Barnard are teaming up with Dan Collins of ASU/Deep Creek Arts and holographic artist, August Muth, to present a new, site-specific digital media arts presentation designed for the July 3rd evening party at the Telluride Transfer Warehouse and to celebrate Telluride community’s cultural future. This project is funded by the Telluride Arts District with support from the National Endowment for the Arts.

We asked Richard a few questions:

Your Inspiration?

What is information?   What is this information revolution?  Where is the art in information?

Describe your art:

A lifelong body of creative works, across many media and arts disciplines (photography, theater, digital media, music, text, +), addressing the questions above, presenting an ecological understanding of the information environment.

Future work?

A laser interferometry (holographic)  installation to fine-tune sense economic dynamics,  just as the LIGO project is detecting gravitational waves.

Creative Heros?

Leonardo.   Bucky Fuller.    Elinor Ostrom.

Happy place?

Telluride.   Santa Fe. The Colorado Plateau.


The best defense is a cultural offense.