John "Kirk" Drogsvold is a musician and 3D artist based in Telluride, Colorado. 

Kirk plays nylon-string guitar. He improvises the sound of flamenco and samba, a style known as, Alpine Flamenco. To complement the craft of music, he is also pushing the limits of Computer Assisted Design (CAD), CNC machining, and 3D printing through his sculpture installations. His work looks organic and mimics forms found in nature. 

He currently showcases his work at MiXX Gallery in Telluride, in Snowmass, and through an increasing number of private commissions. He was awarded "Best Individual Artist" at Art + Architecture in 2018, and has since been accepted as one of 35 designers worldwide to participate in Wanted Design Launchpad in Manhattan this May. He is currently preparing to show work in Austin, Texas, and NYC.

We asked Kirk a few questions:

Spirit Animal: Octopus

Happy Place: Setting off on an adventure!

Favorite Job: Artistic Risk Taking

Mountain or Ocean? Mountains

Trail: Sneffles Highline

Inspiration: Aspen Trees

Movie: O brother where art thou

What's Next?: Just an endless commitment to creating as beautiful and big as possible