Colleen Thompson is a widely inspired Telluride, CO local who creates jewelry best described as "earthy elements combined with Southwest style”. The San Juan Mountains, dubbed the Range of Light by Muir, are rife with magical realism — Colleen harnesses this magic in her handmade pieces, using elements, ores, and stones found in within the region. Building and sculpting with crystals, recycled leather, sterling silver, feathers, fools gold, and bullets shot by real Colorado cowboys, Colleen imbues each item with the spirit of the colorful West. Her work allows anyone to carry a small piece of the San Juans with them wherever they go, embodying the whimsical energy of the mountains and shaping it into tangible, wearable art.

We asked Colleen to answer a couple of questions: See below

 Your idea of happiness

I’m living it. Making art for a living in the mountains. Being part of a community. Feeling valued and being surrounded by inspiring people! 


If not yourself, who would you be

myself. (see above)


Favorite color



Winter or summer

I peak in the fall.


On what occasion do you lie

I’ve definitely been caught speaking confidently and making eye contact.. even when I have no idea what I’m talking about. I wouldnt say I lie, but my best/worst characteristic is blind self-confidence. 


Which words or phrases do you most overuse

There’s a running joke in my circle of friends… if you wan’t your phrase repeated, just say it to Colleen— she’ll make it popular. I like to think they mean it’s because I’m a trendsetter, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s simply because I’m often the loudest person in the room.


What is your greatest regret

Any time I didn't feel or express enough gratitude. 


Spirit animal

Treasure troll. Or maybe a Labrador Retriever. I’m friendly & loyal, but hyperactive and super annoying if I dont burn off enough energy.


Hunter or gatherer

I’m a hunter at my core, but I live to collaborate. Often that means turning the ego off and taking instruction from someone else. I’m happy to gather for the right cause. 


Most treasured possession

My hands. I know they aren't exactly a possession, but working with my hands makes me feel alive. I don’t know if I could do anything else. Working with silver is really hard on my hands, so I take good care of them. I think about how grateful I am for them every single day.


Pet peeve

I try really hard not to have pet peeves. If something bugs me, I make a serious effort to embrace it. I hated making rings for a solid year, forced myself to do it, and now they’re all I want to make. I guess my only pet peeve is poor work ethics. 

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