Greta Neumann originally grew up near Chicago, IL. She received her BFA in sculptural ceramics from the University of South Florida in 2006. She spent time after graduation teaching children's art classes in Western North Carolina as well as learning the craft of throwing pottery. She uses techniques such as slip-casting and paper-clay sculpting, and themes from nature are widely present. Prior to moving to Telluride in 2012 she spent four years living in Argentina and Europe. She currently teaches ceramics at Ah Haa School for the Arts.  

Why Sculpture?

Freshman year of college I was majoring in PR at a school in Illinois. I randomly walked into a gallery downtown and they were offering hand building classes once a week. It wasn’t for credit or anything, but I took it for fun and found myself always looking forward to it. It was my favorite part of the semester. Shortly thereafter I moved to Florida and had to pick a group at orientation. I decided to go to the fine arts meeting and from there became a 3D art major.
Why Clay?

Ceramics is so open. You don’t have to be technically professional or have fine skills like in drawing. You can go in there and not know exactly what you’re doing, but do it as you go along. It can change as you work. You might think you’re going to make a bowl and then end up with plate. I think 3D sculpture mediums give you a lot more freedom to create.
Why Telluride?

I moved to Telluride in 2012 because I needed to come back to the US and my sister was here. I missed winter (I hadn’t had one in four years). Basically I came for one winter and never left.
Why Stay?

Ah Haa offered me a summer instructor position. It was the first time I was able to use my degree and work in what I love. I also get to know so much of the community working at Ah haa—kids, visitors, people around town. Also, being a workaholic it is a perfect opportunity for me. I work my butt off during season when there is work to be done, and then I get six weeks to travel and go on an adventure.
Why Travel?

I travel because that’s what makes my life worth living. When I was a kid my parents asked me what I wanted to do and I told them I wanted to travel—see things I’ve never seen, meet people I’ve never met. Once a trip is ending, I’m already planning the next one.
Why go to the Freebox?

To find things to use in clay! Every time I’m in town I check the Freebox for little things that will make good impressions or patterns in clay. I always tell all my students to check the Freebox too.