This month we feature southern transplant Adam Carlos. Adam started coming to Telluride every summer to sell his Hands of Music series at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival. In 2009, when he brought his girlfriend (now wife), Madison, and she instantly knew they’d live here someday. Adam and Madison ended up making the move from Nashville in 2013, and he opened his gallery in Mountain Village in the fall of 2015. As a graphite pencil portrait artist, Adam Carlos’ drawings are highly detailed and large in scale. He prides himself on realistic works which accurately reflect and capture the spirit of his subject, whether it be a child, a prize-winning Thoroughbred or a Telluride vista.
Since it’s the holidays we thought we’d ask Adam about a few of his favorite things…
Holiday Memory
I think it would have to be when my wife and I put up our first Christmas tree together in our new home.
Gift Received
A belt with a built-in bottle opener on the buckle and soft-side Yeti cooler from my father-in-law.

Gift Given
A few years ago, I made a custom shadowbox frame for my wife. It holds a letter from my wife's grandmother written to her great-grandparents on her wedding day and an old photograph of her grandparents taken on their wedding day in 1944.
Half a slice of pecan pie with vanilla ice cream and half a slice of pumpkin pie with whip cream all on the same plate.
Board Game
Well, I haven't played a board game in years. I am more partial to softball and hockey in Town Park.
Ski Run
Plunge- I like the diversity between the upper cruisers and lower steep bumps, not to mention the potential for getting off in the trees.
Summertime Festival
Bluegrass of course since it is the reason we are here. We did Blues and Brews for the first time this year and had Clementine, our daughter’s, first birthday party at the festival so now it is a very close second.
Restaurant in Telluride for Date Night
221 South Oak. We have been there every year for our anniversary, since we moved to town. I also knew Eliza when she was in college.