Catherine Frank is fabulous. Jet-setter, fashionista, successful business woman, and artist. She’s does it all and then some. She moved to Telluride in 1993 from Denver after many wild and joyous visits to Telluride to visit her ski-bum girlfriends. Shortly after moving here, she opened Studio Frank, which is now celebrating 20 years of successful design and a killer staff.  
And so naturally, what we want to know from Catherine is… “What are some of you favorite things?”

Guilty Pleasure: 
Disappearing on travel adventures without anyone knowing where I am.  I love to escape to beautiful places full of culture, great food, beautiful architecture, art, music, and hopes of meeting new, interesting, creative people along the way. The guilty part is that I love not telling anyone where I am for a few days, or as many as I can pull off. No one can reach me or experience what I am doing, and it’s fun to explore the unknown on my own with no responsibilities in sight, except to see and enjoy all that this world has to offer. 
Board Game: 
I have never been a fan of board games. But I have always enjoyed Monopoly. Its fun to be competitive about ownership of fake property, and at the end feels somehow great to win it all! 
Dance Move: 
I grew up in Nebraska on a cattle ranch. I was surrounded by cowboys and leather chaps. As much as I love dancing all night at Burning Man to electronic sounds blasting over the hot playa, at the end of the day, I love to country swing with a talented partner. Being thrown across the wood floor in a smoky old country bar is always a great laugh. 
Travel Experience: 
When my boys were young I rented a house up on a cliff for a month in Spain on the Mediterranean. It was a beautiful old Spanish colonial home, on a large parcel with a beautiful pool overlooking the sea. I had a close friend, my two beautiful sons and me. We traveled the countryside, the sea, the small towns, and roads that winded through the fields. Touring art museums trying new foods, and seeing a part of the world that has always inspired me within.  
Way to Break Creative Block: 
Travel is the only way I can move forward with creativity and inspiration. I need to see more each day, explore new concepts, meet interesting amazing people in my industry. I love to be in New York City wandering the streets searching out ideas, new finds, antiques, art, and spaces that inspire my aesthetic. 
Project You've Worked on: 
The Hotel Teatro in Denver, Colorado. I was lucky enough to be the lead designer and interior architect for the remodel for this beautiful landmark property in Denver. I loved working on a hospitality project, as one of my favorite things about all my travel is the hotels I stay in. I was able to create an entirely new restaurant, lobby, reception, and entry giving respect to the history of the architecture yet allowing the guest to experience a new feel and vibe in a historic classic structure.  
Time of Day: 
Night time with friends and kids. The enjoyment of a day of accomplishments sharing with a glass of red wine and great friends is my favorite time of the day. 
Live Show: 
A stand-out in my mind would be seeing David Bowie perform in Singapore with some close friends. Watching him come out in three different amazingly designed jackets throughout the show. It was an unforgettable night. 
Telluride Festival: 
In my 20's I loved Bluegrass. We danced, played, laughed, ran around in the mud like nothing mattered. In my 30's I my favorite was Mountainfilm (well it still is). Meeting new people, watching people do unbelievable feats on the big screen in the park, forcing me to have a desire to be in this climate and environment of adrenalin junkies for "just one more year"! But in my 40's I have begun to love The Ride Festival, for its intimacy, creative music from all over the world. 
Thing you Own: 

Years ago in the late 1990's I acquired an old Italian Red Vespa Vintage Motorcycle to drive my kids around town. To school, to soccer, to the market, and occasionally in the 4th of July parade. It was a fun conversation piece and fun to drive with our goggles and flowing scarves. Its from the 70’s and sadly barely runs but when it does it’s a blast! 


Catherine is just one of the many talented artists that live and create in the Telluride Arts District.