SLURP duo Brittany Hale and Trang Pham are taking Telluride by storm, one Phở cup at a time. But, who are they and where did they come from? And what is Phở anyway?
Brittany Hale came out to Telluride not knowing what to expect, but what she found was an amazing community with awesome friends who helped her rekindle my love for the outdoors and the arts, such as hiking and singing karaoke, sometimes simultaneously. The influx of nature inspired Brittany to dive further into her art, and her friends helped encourage her to become a more functional part of our local community.
And then she met Trang…
Trang Pham has been in Telluride for over three years now, but like many others who land in Telluride, she was only initially planning a three-month stay. “This town sucked me in and made me want to do things to contribute to the community, like starting my own business (Slurp) with Brittany Hale, or drawing latte art portraitures of the people who live in this great place,” recalls Trang. And so it all started.
So, Why “Slurp”?
"Slurp" started because we found a niche that we both knew, that we're comfortable with, that the people of Telluride wanted, and that we could fill. We're both avid cooks who believe in bringing good-quality food to others, so "Slurp" happened naturally as a result.
How long have you known each other?
We've known each other for a year and a half now. We met right after Brittany moved to Telluride.
When did you guys get the idea to start a food cart?
We were brainstorming over breakfast one snowy day in February of 2015 on what we needed to do next with our lives. By the end of breakfast, we had already hashed out a rough business plan. Things just progressed from there.
What’s your favorite thing the other person makes?
Brittany: Trang's steamed banana cakes.
Trang: Brittany's lemon-basil bars. We're just fattening each other up.
Veggie or Meat?
Both: Meat, but well-sourced meat, of course!
What’s your favorite thing about Telluride?
Brittany: The community of people...
Trang: ...and how supportive they are of us.
Summer or Winter?
Brittany: Summer, absolutely!
Trang: I really like the off-seasons. I feel like I get to know the locals better when town is quieter.
You can find SLURP on Main street in from of the Old World Flowers building. And don’t skip the lemon bars, they are worth every penny.