Sam Burgess moved to Telluride July 24th 2007. Almost 8 years ago. 
“It was the night of the “My Morning Jacket” and Bob Dylan Doo-Dah. A friend got me a ticket. That night, I knew I had made the right choice. The next day was also the first in a long line of Telluride hang-overs.”
You might know him from one of his roles with Telluride Theatre, most recently, the nitrous oxide-loving dentist in A Little Shop of Horrors. Or, as bass player in one of our favorite local bands, The Great Funktier. Either way, Sam is a Telluride staple. And we love him just as much as he loves us. 
What I love about Telluride – The community, the nature and the weather. Every season is distinctly different, something I didn’t have back in Dallas. The people here are also the best. We seem to have to manufacture things to complain about, which in the end is amazing. Despite any grievances, it’s pretty easy to just look around and forget it all. We’re surrounded by beauty in all forms. We are lucky denizens here in Shangri-La. 

But let's dig in. Here is:

For the FIRST AND LAST TIME! With Sam Burgess...

You got on stage.
First time: Freshman year of high school. Talent show with my first ever punk band “Pasty Face”. Song called the “schrapnel Song”. We were so loud and angsty, the principal actually pulled the plug on us. In our eyes, that was the best compliment ever. 
Last time: Sunday. Little shop of Horrors. Sadistic dentist. Favorite role ever!
Ate something I wish I hadn’t. 
First time: Probably the first time I tasted liver.
Last time: Last time I ate McDonald’s last year in Moab. Born out of confusion and desperation.
Fell In love.
First time: Junior Year in college at U of Texas. She left me for a rocket scientist. A literal rocket scientist. To this day I distrust rocket scientists…
Last timeno comment…
Threw a party.
First time:  This is a clear memory. Freshman year in High School. A Junior found out my parents were going out of town and leaving me with the house. He seduced me with tales of girls, beer and popularity, and I allowed him to organize a party. A couple of hundred kids, one fight, a broken gate and stolen art later, I was suspended from school. It did go down in school lore as one of the best parties that year.
Last time: I don’t throw parties anymore. I have intimate gatherings with wine, board games and vinyl listening. We all grow up eventually…
Did something you were proud of.
First time: As with all little tykes, my first poop.
Last time: Little Shop of Horrors. This was probably one of our best productions and we threw so much love, work and energy into it. The town loved it, and we are all so proud of it.  This theatre company is my tribe, and anything we create I can be proud of.
Scared yourself.

I scare myself when I look in the mirror every morning.  I’m not a morning person. I’m not a night person either. I’d say I was an evening person. Dusk, my favorite time of day. THAT doesn’t scare me at all….