Kevin is the Stronghouse Studios resident student artist, taking advantage of Telluride Arts' Studios for Students program. In his past two years making art in his elevator studio, we have watched him grow and develop as an artist, have his first solo show at the Stronghouse in 2015, and most recently, launch an apparel line. This month, we are proud to feature him as our December artist (and are super excited about his new clothing designs!).

Here is... FILLING IN THE BLANKS. With Kevin Pashayan. 

My name Is Kevin Pashayan and I am an artist. I would describe my life as confusing and the best thing about it is that no one knows how I feel. Right now I’m working on an apparel line that drops this Friday! You can see it on I’m most inspired by Sofles, Augor, Does, Banksy, Ewok, Obey, and Rasko. Of whom I’m almost certain you don’t know. The best piece of advice I’ve received is nothing. I’ve had to basically find my path and find out what I like to create. No one has given me advice that has changed my aspect of art, but if you know someone who does, send em’ the other way. The worst advice I’ve ever received is that I’ll never achieve anything in art. That’s just irresponsible for someone to say in general. In my spare time I draw and paint, pretty much what I do all the time. By the time I turn 20 I want to turn 19 again. And before I die… I don’t like to think of that; it makes life go by too fast. The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that you can do what you want and no one can stop that. I love Telluride because why not?