I first came to Telluride the winter after I graduated from college to be a ski bum for a winter. I then returned a couple summers later for a summer season, which is when I first learned about the Telluride AIDS Benefit. I donated clothing to the benefit for a couple years and then was hired as their Choregrapher for two and Director for 4. And from there, I've ended up being in Telluride the majority of my time over the past two years. I transitioned from acting (where my favorite job was being Tina Fey's double on 30 Rock) into wood working and this town seemed like a good fit.  

I think the most interesting thing I could share right now is that in answering all of these questions, I realized that I'm living the complete opposite of how I should.  Or at least the complete opposite of all of my favorite things.  Hmm...  

Ice cream or cake?
Mmmm...cake. But really only if its cheap, grocery store type birthday cake.  My elementary school gym teacher's wife used to have a birthday cake business that she ran out of her home and it is by far the best cake I've ever had. But if its not that cake, then its ice cream. So in ranking order, birthday cake, then all of the ice creams, then all of the other types of cake.  

Performing or Directing?
Wow, this is hard. My passion definitely lies in performing, specifically acting. There is nothing I love more in the world than immersing myself in a character and seeing the world through their eyes. Giving myself the freedom to run completely on instincts, while experiencing intense emotional exchange with another person, is definitely what does it for me. The transformation that happens through a raw emotional interaction with another person is the best thing in life. But its rare. And it doesn't pay anything. And I never really loved the audience. It is more the experience of acting I love and the performance part always followed. 

Directing is such a different experience and I love it for such different reasons.  The opportunity to create a world in order to tell a story or express some sort of human experience is so unique and exquisite.  It's also how my brain naturally works.  I'm always creating stories and movements in my head, so getting to see them played out by others is so lovely.  

I could go on and on and still never answer your question.  So I'll stop here and mull this over on my own for days to come.

Coffee or Tea?
Tea. For now. I'm also sick, so tea is like a salve at present.  Ask me next week or when I'm busy working and I'll ask you what tea is.

Black and White or Color?
Black and White. I love the idea of choosing color and think that might actually be my instinctual choice, but if I have to be in charge of picking the colors, too much color can be overwhelming. I have a fantasy of living in a bright, colorful Mexican style home. I think I would be happy all the time.  But in my real life, heather grey is my favorite color, which is really just black and white.

Urban or Rural?
Urban. I've mostly lived in cities since I was eighteen and relate them to independence and creative and intellectual freedom.  I lived in New York for 10 years and have so much respect for the machine that it is and revel in the fact that if you work for it, you can do anything and be anyone there.  Also, my favorite landscape is an old urban factory neighborhood.  Staring at buildings that once had so much purpose and are no longer used sends my creative mind reeling. I like potential.  

Daytime or Nighttime?
Nighttime. People are less encumbered and bodged down by how they think things should be. They are more open and willing to try new things. It's when the good stuff happens.

TV or a Movie?
Does binge-watching TV count? The modern phenomenon of getting to watch a TV series from start to finish in one sitting is bliss. You get to see the characters grow and exist in different moments in their lives; not just the one scenario centered around a 2-hour movie. Its more like knowing a person in real life.

Boy or girl?
Though I feel a small betrayal to my sex for saying this....boy.  I was always very close with my Dad and my brother and always understood boys. They are simple creatures who just like competing and winning. And that makes sense to me. I also like being in charge and since boys are usually in charge in this world of ours, I may be drawn to them for that reason too.  As I meet more and more powerful women in the world though, I could see this choice shifting. I do think girls should rule the world. It would be way more interesting.  

Online or in-store?
Online. If I go shopping in a store, I always leave with nothing.  I get overwhelmed and really indecisive. Online, I do much better.  Once the items arrive, I try them on and always end up sending them back. So, I guess its just a delayed way of getting to the same end. But, I do get to fool myself during the days the items are shipped into thinking I ordered something I'm really going to love. And I love getting packages. So, yeah, online.

Dress Up or Dress Down?
Dress up.  Our culture has become so casual.  I saw a man this summer paying his parking meter in an ill fitting speedo and thought, where can we go from here?  Clothing should flatter the wearer. Dressing up to me means wearing clothes that make you look good.  That can be a cocktail dress or a nice t-shirt and fitted jeans.  It doesn't have to be fancy, but it should look good and make you feel good.  I would love it we collectively decided to raise the bar. Please everyone, dress up.  

Katy is just one of the many talented artists that live and create in the Telluride Arts District.