Telluride Arts provides strategic, coordinated leadership to elevate the arts within the Telluride Arts District. 

Our unique mission is to promote a culture of the arts comprised of numerous institutions, events and artists, that weave film, music, theatre, dance, literature, poetry, visual arts, architecture, design, and culinary arts, into the fabric of our community.

The 2012 Telluride Cultural Master Plan was created by and for the arts community and provides the road-map for our work. We work in concert with artists, arts partners, the Town of Telluride, the Colorado Creative Industries, and other local, state and national partners to implement high quality programming that advances vetted priorities.

2016 was the final year of the Telluride Arts Work-plan that outlined specific goals over a three year period to address community priorities through marketing, resources for local artists, art space, and strategy.  We have met or exceeded our work-plan goals, some in ways that surprise even us. Good times.