The Telluride Art Walk is a festive celebration of the arts in downtown Telluride for art lovers, community and friends.

Over twenty venues host receptions from 5pm-8pm on first Thursdays to introduce their new exhibitions and artists. A free Gallery Guide offers a self-guided tour that can be used at any time to find galleries that are open most days. Gallery Guides are available at participating venues.


Discover the Galleries. 

Opening receptions are First Thursdays except November, December and May from 5-8pm. 

Current Show Descriptions. OCTOBER 2016:


Alpine Wellness

300 W Colorado, #2C

Alpine Wellness is closing out the season by featuring the landscape photography of Robert Corkran. Rob has been compiling photos for this show since the spring of 2015, traveling around the region with an eye on the many vertical landforms that make up the Southwest. The diverse body of work that he has collected captures the beauty of the San Juan Mountains and beyond. He highlights each individual season, reminding us how important singular moments are within a year. Rob’s unique eye and framing gives new perspective to familiar landscapes and is available to view at Alpine Wellness Telluride every day until 7pm 


Ah Haa School for the Arts

300 South Townsend  

Ah Haa will be having a Telluride Painting School Open House for Art Walk. People will be able to view students’ work from Ying Li’s class, “The Figure and the Natural World with Ying Li.” In this intensive painting workshop, students explored new techniques and concepts in painting with an emphasis on individual development of style and theme. Students investigated various approaches to representational and abstract painting, as well as the metaphorical meaning in figure and landscape paintings. Working from live models and landscape, students discovered how a basic image could be transformed into a personal statement through the process of painting. Students were encouraged to experiment with ideas and techniques with the purpose of developing a personal expression.


Baked in Telluride

127 South Fir

The featured artist at Baked in Telluride is Randye Mandell, local artist and participant in Ah Haa painting sessions. Her whimsical, yet deep-seated imagery is based on fairy tales and legends. Also included are colorful plein air landscapes from around the area, capturing the special environment of Telluride. Stop by for coffee and cookies!


Gallery 81435

230 South Fir

Gallery 81435 presents “In Three Lines.” For two years artist Jill Sabella and poet Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer experimented with simplicity—a leaning toward less and the more  that blossoms out of it. They took turns sending each other work to respond to. The result: 45 intimate pairings, in which three-line drawings and three-line poems reflect each other. Some are framed individually and others are framed as triptychs. The result: Elegant. Provocative. Inviting. Poignant. 


LDGiles Art & Design Gallery

307 East Colorado, Unit #104

For October LDGiles Art & Design features dynamic artwork and photography showcasing the printing work of sister shop, Happy Print. Come see original works and their reproductions in Giclee', photography, art prints, and greeting cards. Featured artwork: Tundra Moon, oil on canvas.


Lustre, an Artisan Gallery

171 South Pine

Lustre Gallery will celebrate the last Art Walk of the season with a special promotion on the work of Bonnie Teitelbaum.  Bonnie is an artist from Santa Fe, NM whose softly abstract acrylic paintings adorn the walls.  Bonnie’s paintings have a sublime, sensual beauty.  She uses high key colors in a delicate manner to lure you into a Zen world of internal conversation.  These paintings reflect Bonnie’s love of nature and are a creative reflection of her peace of mind.


Medicine Ranch

615 South Davis

Telluride Art Walk’s newest venue, Medicine Ranch will be featuring the jewelry of Virginia Rivers Howard. Virginia Rivers Howard, from Houston and Mountain Village, melds inspired form with spiritual icons.  Her Goddess Malas take the traditional 108 bead prayer mala and in the place of the “Guru bead,” typically a male figure, Virginia features stones such as White Turquoise, Black pearls, Tiger Agate and Colorado Amazonite coupled with feminine deities and hand tied tassels.  While prayer bead necklaces have found their way to the mainstream, Virginia manages to keep her Mmalas fresh, inventive, and versatile.


MiXX projects + atelier

307 East Colorado

This month MiXX is finishing off a great summer season on a high note-- featuring notable local artists such as Danielle DeRoberts, Britt Markey, Brittany Hale, Molly Perrault, and Pam Conrad. MiXX could not be more ecstatic to grace its walls with the work by these talented local artists. As a thank you to this wonderful community, come enjoy a big end of season party with a DJ, friendly faces, and big discounts.


Oh-Be-Joyful Gallery

333 West Colorado Avenue

Oh Be Joyful Gallery will be featuring paintings by Gregory Packard. Packard expresses his love for the natural world in vibrant, richly hued landscapes, seascapes, and still lifes, especially florals. For a number of years his painting was characterized by a loose, traditional, wet-on-wet approach. A couple of years ago he began exploring another way of conveying this same sense of pulsating color and shimmering light. Using the broken-color method developed by Monet and other late-19th-century French Impressionists, Packard produces the effect of a single color by applying layers of paint and numerous hues side by side in short, thick strokes.



101 West Colorado

Picaya will be featuring MetalRock Designs by Tony Finocchio. A few years ago Tony began working with silver and has enjoyed the journey ever since. His work is unique, handcrafted mountain lifestyle jewelry designed for the free spirited by the free spirited. His inspiration comes from a deep-rooted connection to the mountains of Colorado, a passion for rock music and his ever-evolving quest for spirituality. He has spent over 26 years in Colorado and the southwest, during which time he has embraced the freedom and growth offered by mountain living. All of his work is done by hand. He uses a combination of sterling silver, gold, copper and brass and each piece is assembled using the cold connection process of riveting.


Slate Gray Gallery

209 E. Colorado, Unit A

October Art Walk at Slate Gray is inspired by weather and the elements. Artist Niki Woehler is rapidly becoming one of the most collectible artists in the West. Her modern and abstract paintings are filled with lines, layers and textures that invade smooth façades and imbue surface beauty with depth, character, strength and wisdom. Slate Gray Gallery will be exhibiting ‘Elemental’ for the month of October. ‘Elemental’ is Woehler’s collection of paintings inspired by objects that have been ravaged by nature and the participating elements.

Highly textured, Woehler’s works are comprised of materials such as acrylics, metal, graphite, amethyst, quartz and pyrite. She rarely uses brushes, opting instead for a variety of untraditional tools like trowels and rakes to evoke sensational layers. Woehler is drawn to imperfect details, and she longs to tell stories resonant of the beauty of weathered time: a perspective magnified or obscured by rain, eroded rocks and metal etched with rust. 


Telluride Arts’ Soul & Matter Gallery

135 West Pacific

Telluride Arts’ new office space just across from the Library contains a contemporary gallery space. The gallery, which will feature new artists and jewelers monthly, presents the sculpture work of Matthew Adams, the paintings of Emily Ballou, along with the hand-made porcelain jewelry of Veldt Marfa.


Stronghouse Studios + Gallery

283 South Fir

With the Telluride Arts Offices relocated, the Stronghouse Studios + Gallery is brimming with artists and will continue as a program of Telluride Arts for as long as possible. The gallery space will feature artwork created by the artists in residence at the Stronghouse Studios. The featured artists in October will be Telluride local plein air painter, David Brankley, and Kevin Pashayan, a passionate young artist specializing in graffiti and stencil art.


Telluride Arts’ Soul & Matter Gallery

135 West Pacific

Telluride Arts’ new office space just across from the Library contains a contemporary gallery space. The gallery, which will feature new artists and jewelers monthly, presents the sculpture work of Matthew Adams, the paintings of Emily Ballou, along with the hand-made porcelain jewelry of Veldt Marfa.


Telluride Gallery of Fine Art

130 East Colorado

Telluride Gallery presents Sally Strand for her fourth solo exhibition. Master Pastelist and Pastel Hall of Fame inductee, Strand highlights her extraordinary skill in pastel as well as her newest work in oil. Join Telluride Gallery of Fine Arts in welcoming twelve new paintings depicting still-life and figurative slices of daily life. 


The Turquoise Door Gallery

226 West Colorado

The Turquoise Door Gallery will be featuring mixed medium Fall Aspen paintings by Valerie Franzese.


Tony Newlin Gallery

100 West Colorado
The Tony Newlin Gallery will be featuring the limited edition giclee, Autumn Trail.  "Mt Sneffels is one of the 54 mountains in Colorado that reach greater than 14,000 feet into the sky.  As the pinnacle of its range, it is visible for miles around and provides some of the most majestic scenery in Colorado. Looking to Sneffels from the north side, an old hidden trail winds through the autumn colors toward this towering peak.”


Wizard Emporium

126 East Colorado

WE will be showing an exhibit by local artist Chanelle Hicks titled “Sweet Tooth.” Chanelle Hicks is a local Telluride artist whose artistic style often varies somewhere between Fantasy and Surrealism, a technique she has coined Hyper Surrealism, who's focused subjects are often realistic and beautiful but also little gross. Her current ongoing series, “Sweet Tooth” is based off of the concept of food in America, and how we as a society perceive it. This series essentially centers on the basic concept of what bugs and animals are willing to eat; often non-G.M.O. and pesticide-free food. The works asks why we as a society simply accept the consumption of such products, but they, given the choice, will not. To highlight this concept each food product in this series is as organic and locally sourced as pos