The Telluride Art Walk is a festive celebration of the arts in downtown Telluride for art lovers, community and friends.

Nineteen venues host receptions from 5pm-8pm on first Thursdays to introduce their new exhibitions and artists. A free Gallery Guide offers a self-guided tour that can be used at any time to find galleries that are open most days. Gallery Guides are available at participating venues.

Opening receptions are First Thursdays from 5-8pm. (no Art Walk November, December, April and May 2017) 

Look for the flags!

Current Show Descriptions. FEBRUARY 2018

Ah Haa.jpg


Ah Haa opens their Annual Regional Exhibition during Art Walk. This year, the Ah Haa School’s annual Regional Exhibition will celebrate the human body. Titled: BODY OF WORK, the juried exhibition highlights work that reflects all interpretations of the human form. Regional artists located within 150 miles of Telluride were invited to submit works in all media: painting, ceramics, sculpture, printing, fiber, metals, photography and other, that interpret or celebrate the human form. Submitted works should embrace the form, figure, function, or face of the human body.

Four cash prizes will be awarded: $500 for 1st place, $250 for 2nd place, $100 for 3rd place & People’s Choice Award Exhibition Jurors: Baerbel Hacke, Julie McNair, David Holbrook

Baked In Telluride.jpg


BIT gallery is featuring student work from Robert Weatherford's studio painting classes. These colorful, large paintings will reflect the fun, the focus, and the learning experiences that Robert's students enjoy from participating in his painting classes.

Gallery 81435.jpeg


Gallery 81435 presents artist Nancy B. Frank. Nancy has traveled the world to ride horses, experiencing different countries and cultures. Throughout these experiences, she remains amazed by the partnership with the horses and the fact that they allow us on their backs. This relationship between human and horse is exactly what creates the tension in her paintings. The images are larger than life, yet intimate, and strive to capture the beauty, power, and grace of the horse, despite the horses being bitted and bound with reins. The human factor is always present, but never within Frank’s compositions except suggestively – such as a caressing hand. It is the unique agreement and the spirit of both human and horse that make Frank’s paintings shine with light and life.



Come and check out local photographer Mary Kenez' iconic pictures of Telluride. 

La Cocina 1.jpg


Curated by Kellie Day, La Cocina presents artist Mike Doherty. Come in to see some beautiful art while enjoying wholesome, handmade Mexican food featuering local and organic ingredients.

Doherty, or "MD" is will present hi newest exhibition titled TELLURIDE INK.  MD has been outlining painted objects for as long as he can remember. Isolating the colors with the thick black lines magnifies the intensity of the viewer's experience.
MD brings his Telluride background and colorful personality to every piece. In this show paintings are titled VERT #11 - #22 this refers to the vertical orientation of Main Street's architecture and its surrounding peaks.

Lustre 2.jpg


This Artwalk, Lustre Gallery will have Emily Armenta’s jewelry collection on display. Armenta was inspired by famous works of art found throughout Spain, such as poetry, paintings, architecture, and sculptures. For Emily, jewelry is about the creative process and the deeper meaning behind art.  “Designs often come to me at night or in a dream. Therefore, I believe that it should not be limited by one element, but rather explore all elements and create the unexpected.”

Each piece of Armenta jewelry is handcrafted using 18k gold, sterling silver, diamonds, and semi-precious stones in the United States, but not by just any hand.  Armenta believes in the idea that from struggle, one can discover a beauty and spirit that easiness and frivolity alone cannot create.  The hands which have created the Armenta pieces belong to those whose life journeys have been full of struggle and passion.  Armenta has developed a school for women that come from disadvantaged circumstances, to educate and empower future generations of artisans.  "Duende is the soul of my workers who have overcome their personal hardships as well as the muse of every artist who yearns to express him or herself through creative works of beauty," the self-taught designer says.  

MIXX 1.jpg


MIXX projects + atelier brings together four artists whose graphic styles and diverse materiality create a vivid and colorful exhibition, titled Finding My Way Back to You. Exquisitely detailed, Sheila Gioliti's layered, mixed media paintings on wood panel mesh elements of flora with volumetric configurations, creating an energetic universe within each piece. Texas based sculptor, Mitch McGee’s layered birch wall works are conceptually grounded in the style of Pop Art legend, Roy Lichtenstein, evoking poetic dramas, mainly featuring a female figure in his three-dimensional formats. Based in Santa Fe, encaustic painter Ellen Koment layers wax on paper, masterfully composing her abstract works into series of diptychs, triptychs and individual color studies. Liz Barber Leventhal, currently working out of Georgia, creates large scale emotive and abstract paintings on canvas with watercolor, gouache, acrylic paint, and oil pastel, featuring flowing movement as the figure at hand.



Picaya will be featuring ‘Smart by Nature’ skincare owner Denise Weaver this month. Denise has lived in the Telluride area for over 25 years and has been in various businesses over the years, but her passion for healthy eating and monitoring ingredients in skin care products motivated her to purchasing Tomboy Soap Company in 2008. She has since put her marketing degree to work re-branding the company to become ‘Smart by Nature’. She has honored the all-natural approach of the product line while expanding with new products. She has also incorporated sustainable production methods using solar power for both hot water and electricity. In addition, new package labels are ‘made from stone’. Come by to hear her story!

Slate Gray Gallery.jpg


Slate Gray Gallery will feature local artist Julie McNair. Julie has been involved with the Ah Haa School as staff, instructor and volunteer since 1991 and currently is framing for Telluride Gallery. Her work has been represented by many galleries in the Southwest and in Texas. Julie says, "For many years I have explored the figure in my work. It has now become my primary format, my canvas. I choose standing figures because I like the vulnerability – physically fragile clay and emotionally fragile humans. Some figures are personal and address psychological issues; some reflect my concern for man’s impact on the planet. All address the human condition with a sense of humor and humility.”

Blues #29.jpeg


Studio G is featuring artist Margaret Rinkevich. Her work is composed of a confluence of multiple sensations drawn from her own experiential landscape.  There is an all-consuming mental grind in the creative process, and her objective is to achieve visually arresting images. The goal in this series is to make the apparently simple relationships of form and color charged with as much force, feeling and meaning as possible.

Telluride Arts HQ.jpeg


Telluride Arts’ HQ gallery presents, Wind of Heaven, an exhibit by Lara Branca.  Through her art, Lara Branca explores the emotive and communicative potential of the abstracted equine figure in vast landscapes. She captures a dream-like feeling by conveying multiple horizons, shifting perspective, and translucent forms. Branca has developed a visual language of marks and shapes to signify equine movement and figure. As Branca paints these large canvases, she fuses elements of the landscape and the horses form spontaneously, letting the “signs” emerge from her intuition to create transparency, abstraction and place. In the paintings, the shimmering planes of the horses’ bodies ripple and react to the surrounding light, and the arcs of their limbs respond to the curves of the earth. “I strive to create work that connects the viewer with a mystical world inhabited by sentient, silent, communicative and graceful beings. I desire for viewers taking a walk in these landscapes to experience Wind of Heaven through the horses’ movements and forms.”

Telluride Gallery 1.jpg


Telluride Gallery presents Budnik’s rare original silver gelatin photographs from two bodies of work, Marching to the Freedom Dream: Civil Rights Movement 1950-1960’s, and Picturing Artists: Artists in Their Studios 1950-1970’s. Telluride Gallery has also curated a special jewelry exhibition featuring the staff’s favorites from all 38 studio bench jewelers.



Stop by The Telluride Music Co. for Everything you wanted to know about the Banjo but, are afraid to ask. Artwalk will be all about about the banjo. The Banjo is the driving force of bluegrass music. Adapted in the Southeast U.S. in the 19th Century, the five-string Banjo is a uniquely American instrument that is used to play uniquely American music. For our February ArtWalk, we are inviting Ken Breard to perform a variety of banjo music and discuss how the banjo fits into music, how its played, and all of the finer points of everything banjo. We will also be exhibiting a collection of Nechville banjos, hand-built in Bloomington, Minn. 




The Tony Newlin Gallery will be featuring a new release, limited edition image, captured by Tony this summer in Denali National Park: Tundra Nomad. The gallery will also be featuring the functional sculptures of James Vilona which blend contemporary, organic, and abstract shapes into art that has direct communication through contact.

Turquoise Door.jpg


The Turquoise Door Gallery is featuring original black and white photographs hand painted in oils by Valerie Levy Franzese. The Turquoise Door is also now representing plein air artist Shaun Horne. A selection of his paintings will be on display as well.