The Telluride Art Walk is a festive celebration of the arts in downtown Telluride for art lovers, community and friends.

Nineteen venues host receptions from 5-8 pm on first Thursdays to introduce their new exhibitions and artists. A free Gallery Guide offers a self-guided tour that can be used at any time to find galleries that are open most days. Gallery Guides are available at participating venues.

Opening receptions are First Thursdays from 5-8 pm. (no Art Walk November, December, and May 2018) 

Look for the flags!

Current Show Descriptions. july 2018

Ah Haa 1.jpg


Ah Haa School for the Arts will offer a sneak-peek at all of the donated artwork to be featured at their Annual Art Auction. The auction/exhibition is entitled Sweet Home Ah Haa. Ah Haa will be offering pre-bidding, as well as a buy-it-now option.

BIT 2.jpg

Baked in telluride 

Local artist, Carol Lee, will be exhibiting her colorful acrylic paintings at her first solo exhibition. Carol has participated in many of Ah Haas' painting classes and has developed into a vibrant, confident artist.

Crossbow Leather 1.jpg

crossbow leather

Crossbow Leather doubles as a retail store in front, and a leather production workshop in back. All leather goods are made in-house owner/designer Macy Pryor. Her style reflects the west, and includes a variety of vintage and found textiles from around the world. 
Featured artwork for this month at Crossbow Leather will include paintings from longtime local, Lane Smith. Lane's style is inspired by the power and honesty of nature. He paints with a unique layering of aerosol's and oils on wood panel. 

Elinoff 2.JPG

Elinoff gallery

Elinoff Gallery carries a museum quality art collection, including works from some of the most celebrated names in the history of art. From Monet to Pissarro to Warhol, their fine art collection covers Impressionist works c.1860 - 1880 through the the Pop art period of the 50s' and 60's. They also have lithographs, drawings, and etchings.

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 4.02.56 PM.png

Gallery 81435

Gallery 81435 in Telluride, Colorado presents Figures & Chairs, an exhibit by Jason Lee Gimbel. Known for his monumental figurative paintings, Jason Lee Gimbel renders full figure works through abstraction-expressionist brushwork and vibrant colors. Gimbel’s instinctual approach, random use of color and mark making pushes figurative work to the edges of representation and, in some instances, into abstraction. These painted drawings break up the surface through a visual harmony that disrupts the partially outlined figures, providing the viewer with a complex balance between the merger of the figure and background.

In addition to painting, Gimbel creates classically informed drawings, often depicting the human figure with the skin removed to display the musculature. These écorché drawings borrow from Greek mythology, classical sculpture, and traditional figure drawing. He incorporates visual metaphors that explore the ephemeral qualities of the yellowing and degrading newsprint on which they are drawn. There is a playful juxtaposition of these large-scale drawings with larger-than-life sized staples, magnets, and thumbtacks. An optical perception is often associated with Alice in Wonderland Syndrome.



Come and check out local photographer Mary Kenez' iconic pictures of Telluride. 

La Cocina 3.JPG


La Cocina will feature artist Stephanie Morgan Rogers. One of the walls in La Cocina will feature an installation of mixed media including Morgon Rogers’ animals

She will also be showing a selection of pieces from Songline; an exhibition at Telluride Arts HQ last year. 

Lustre 2.jpg


Lustre Gallery is celebrating the opening of the summer season with new Marshall Noice artwork. Noice’s vibrant landscapes echo the spirit of the land and place.  Stop by Lustre Gallery to view his newest paintings.

MiXX 3.jpg


Featuring work by Julia Lucey, Luis Bivar, Meredith Nemirov, Minas Halaj, and Marco Grassi, “Garden of Eden’s” lush ensemble of botanical and floral motifs explores the confluence of landscape and portraiture. Working in collage, Julia Lucey, Luis Bivar, and Minas Halaj each utilize their own unique arsenals of media - from traditional found collage materials, to handmade prints and evocative textural elements - to capture imaginative portraits of nature. Meredith Nemirov’s charismatic gouache and ink drawings of aspen invite the viewer to imagine personality in nature through a more subdued palette. The bold, figurative work of Marco Grassi confronts us with the symbolic role of the female figure in depictions of nature. “Garden of Eden” is a visually stunning assemblage that examines the humanity in nature and the elements of nature embedded within us.

Picaya 2.jpg



Picaya will feature their own local Colorado artists, including Taidk Designs, Colleen Thompson, Tony Finocchio, Smart by Nature, and Juliana Designs.


Slate Gray 2.jpg


Slate Gray Gallery will present an exhibition entitled Happily Ever After, which will showcase artists Ali Launer and Alexandra Eldridge.

Launer will be showing her new collection of beaded skulls, and Eldridge is showing her new photo based paintings. Both artists work is whimsical, enchanted and somewhat spiritual in nature.

Blue #18.jpeg


Studio G is featuring artist Margaret Rinkevich. Her work is composed of a confluence of multiple sensations drawn from her own experiential landscape.  There is an all-consuming mental grind in the creative process, and her objective is to achieve visually arresting images. The goal in this series is to make the apparently simple relationships of form and color charged with as much force, feeling and meaning as possible.

Telluride Arts HQ 2.jpeg


Telluride Arts HQ Gallery in Telluride, Colorado presents Natural Conditions: Of Land & Water, an exhibit by Brucie Holler. As a non-representational painter, Brucie Holler’s work is influenced by the landscape and the idea of a sense of place. The relationship between the sky, water, and land is what compels Holler the most. “I’m always hoping to find a connection that is not too literal, the gray sky and water of winter, the squall lines in the spring, the gathering of the summer storm, the flight path of sea birds, the golden light of autumn that illuminates all it touches.” It is within this artistic paradigm that Holler searches for a sublime and quiet beauty in her paintings.

Telluride Gallery of Fine Art 1.jpg


“Stillness in Motion,” features the work of two celebrated California-based artists, Diane Best and Gwynn Murrill. The exhibition presents recent work by panoramic landscape painter Best and bronze animal sculptor Murrill, both artists explore the natural world through close observation, physical presence, sensitivity to materials, and a spirit of vitality and grandeur. In this exhibition, the two artists are featured together for the first time.

Telluride Music Co. 1.jpg

Telluride music co

It has been a few years since Emily Scott Robinson left Telluride to pursue the songwriter's life, but she will always be a part of the Telluride family. In her time traveling the country with a handful of guitars packed into an RV, she has racked up numerous song-writing competition wins and accolades, and she has truly established herself as an up-and-coming force in the Americana genre. This spring, she mounted a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund her forthcoming album "Traveling Mercies," and oh man, are we excited to hear it! Emily writes songs that draw on a variety of raw, relatable human emotions and experiences, and her careful choice of words and attention to detail invite listeners to share in the song's honesty, intimacy, and depth. We are so excited to have her back in Telluride for a few weeks, and we are honored to invite her to return to the Telluride Music Co. ArtWalk stage.

Tony Newlin 1.jpg


The Tony Newlin Gallery will be featuring two spectacular wildlife images: Tundra Nomad and Winter’s Refuge. We will also be featuring the functional sculptural artwork of James Vilona.

Bob Orchids.jpg


The Turquoise Door Gallery is featuring photography by Carl Marcus, paintings by Shaun Horne, and the work of Valerie Franzese. Come see colorful photographs printed on canvas by Robert Franzese and their newest plein air artist Dawn Cohen. Check out the gallery to see their new expanded space.