The Telluride Art Walk is a festive celebration of the arts in downtown Telluride for art lovers, community and friends.

Over twenty venues host receptions from 5pm-8pm on first Thursdays to introduce their new exhibitions and artists. A free Gallery Guide offers a self-guided tour that can be used at any time to find galleries that are open most days. Gallery Guides are available at participating venues.


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Opening receptions are First Thursdays except November, December and May from 5-8pm. 

Current Show Descriptions. JULY 2016:


Adam W. Carlos Fine Art

Mountain Village Core, Suite 102
Art Walk expands to Mountain Village this year with Adam W. Carlos Fine Art offering exclusive graphite pencil portraiture. Adam’s patience and attention to detail yield stunning portraits that capture the true character and personalities of his subjects. His painstaking dedication to accuracy makes Adam's portraits, landscapes, and equestrian drawings stand out. His works become the centerpiece of a room without overpowering the space, rivaling the dramatic feel of an oil painting in formality but with the versatility to fit the décor of any room. The Portrait and Landscape Gallery is located in the Mountain Village core next to Reflection Plaza.


Ah Haa School for the Arts

300 South Townsend

As party of Ah Haa’s 24th Annual Art Auction, they will be featuring their Silent Auction Artwork Exhibition until July 15th in the Daniel Tucker Gallery. The opening reception will be during Art Walk. Pre-bidding is welcome! Ah Haa will also be offering a sneak-peek at all of the donated artwork to be featured at their Annual Art Auction. Even if you can’t make it to the event, you are welcome to bid beforehand.


Alpine Wellness

300 West Colorado, #2C

For the month of July, Alpine Wellness is featuring the artistic offerings of Clarissa Fortier. Clarissa graduated from Oberlin College in 2013 with a B.A. in environmental studies and studio art, with honors in studio art. Since then she has been the artist-in-residence at both Whiskeytown National Recreation Area in northern California and Zion national Park. At Zion, she worked independently, painting en plein-air and speaking with park visitors about landscape painting and its role in national parks. Since moving to Telluride, her artwork has been featured at a number of establishments throughout town; and this month, Alpine Wellness is proud to join the ranks of galleries featuring Clarissa’s beautiful representations of regional landscape. Come kick off your Art Walk at Alpine Wellness with offerings from a number of local artists and Happy Hour specials until 6:55pm. 


Baked in Telluride

127 South Fir

Baked in Telluride is currently featuring colorful, spectacular local artists. They will be representing the following artists: Marie Goodwin, Clarissa Fortier, and Randye Mandell.



230 South Fir

Dolce will be featuring Julez Bryant for Art Walk. Creative alchemy abounds in her studio in coastal Southern California, where Julez and her team of seasoned jewelers hand-forge each piece. The collection combines and contrasts 14k rose, yellow, and white gold with a sprinkling of diamond and precious gems. Julez’s jewels have been featured in numerous fashion and trade publications and are beloved by women of all ages from near and far.


Elinoff & Co.

224 East Colorado  

Elinoff Gallery presents regional and international artists, colored gemstones and diamond jewelry, and local Telluride charms. 


Gallery 81435

230 South Fir

Gallery 81435 presents “Open This Side,” a contemporary art exhibit by New York-based artist Ryan Cronin. For over two decades, Cronin has been using Rust-Oleum paint to create his own unique iconography. His work has been described as Pop that teeters between Abstract and Representational. It is a mashup of high and low culture, driven by a deep sense of color and placement. It's large-scale, bold, and marked by his signature gloss finish. It is accessible and emotional, with a playful edge.


La Cocina

123 East Colorado

La Cocina's featured artist is plein-air painter, Shaun Horne. Shaun is a passionate large-scale landscape painter who works entirely on location from start to finish.


Lustre, an Artisan Gallery

171 South Pine

For their July Art Walk, Lustre Gallery will host two artists who currently call Texas home. Zoltan David, founder of Dancing Metals Studios, will share his newest jewelry collection Bronze Age and Moonshine the winner of the 2016 Saul Bell Design Award. Zoltan’s jewelry designs are a pure alchemy of metals infused with platinum and gold in fine inlay and showcase stunning stones. Wildlife artist Jim Eppler will also join Lustre with his newest life size bronze sculptures including a pair of Pronghorn Antelope. Jim’s inspiration lies in birds, animals and now fish that are found through the Southwest and Texas. 


LDGiles Art & Design Gallery (aka Happy Print)

307 East Colorado

LDGiles Art & Design will continue "An Eclectic Retrospective" A widely varying retrospective of Lawrence Giles' work over the past several decades in a variety of media.


Madeline Hotel and Residences

568 Mountain Village Blvd

The curated art featured at The Madeline strives to recapture the glory days of the past, featuring original paintings inspired by Colorado. In the early 1900’s, many American artists were expatriates in order to paint with their choice of colors and subjects, away from the puritanical rules that dominated the American art scene. At that same time in our history, New York City editors began syndicating their newspapers articles to Mid-Western papers, far from the social restrictions of the Eastern elite. Writers were encouraged to go further West and create articles that would document their adventures and experiences, with the assurance their stories would be purchased and printed for this new, more accepting, Mid-Western audience. Soon Americans read these stories, which motivated them to travel West where they found an ongoing audience for their work from a steady stream of visitors. Many of the artists in this group became inspired by new locations, subjects, and uncensored palettes. They stayed in Colorado or New Mexico and painted for a new audience of collectors. The Western art scene began and continues to this day. Featured artists are Signe Bergman, Kim Barrick, Addie Draper, Elizabeth Elequin, Kathleen Frank, and curator Sara Eyestone.


MiXX projects + atelier

307 East Colorado

This month MiXX will showcase work from the "New Innovators." These artists are reinterpreting the concept of abstraction. In this exhibition MiXX invites guests to explore how Sandra Chevrier incorporates the use of painting and collage to express the societal "cages" in which women are placed, expecting them to act as superheroes in everyday lives, how Javiera Estrada thwarts the understanding of time and space through her cosmic photography, how Marco Grassi reinterprets the female body through his architectural application of painting and sophisticatedly camouflaged palette, how Melissa Dickenson uses film and canvas to present a new medium unfamiliar to the common eye, and how Katie Heffelfinger draws the viewer into a state of meditation and serenity through her combination of dots and shimmering watercolors to create a dimension outside of one’s own.


Oh-Be-Joyful Gallery

333 West Colorado Avenue

Kelly Kotary is the featured artist for July at the Oh-Be-Joyful gallery this month. Kelly is a Colorado based painter whose award winning oil paintings can be found in private and public collections all over the country. She is drawn to dramatic lighting - so many of her paintings are based on the interaction of light shape and shadow shape in some pattern that draws the eye. 



101 West Colorado

This month, Picaya is featuring Scott Elkins and his old barn wood framed prints. Scott and other local craftsmen love history, Gunfights, Cowboys, Miners, Skiing, Gambling, Vintage Colorado and Old Flags!  They create vintage old photos from 1881 to 1965 and “weathered” Colorado Flags made by hand in Paonia and Delta, Colorado. Each flag is created to look old, faded and historic and is sewn using fabric from the freebox.  Then frames are made using reclaimed barnwood from old structures around southwest Colorado.


Randy Stephens Photography

226 West Colorado, 2nd Floor

Telluride’s newest studio/gallery will be featuring “Balloons Over Telluride,” a series of photographs taken during the 2016 Telluride Balloon Festival.


Slate Gray Gallery

209 E. Colorado, Unit A

Slate Gray Gallery is featuring Todd Alexander, an Atlanta artist, armed with imagery, technique, talent and emotion inspired by all walks of life.  After pursuing scientific and medical illustration at the University of Georgia, Todd has re-entered the studio, picking up his familiar paints and exploring alternative ways to express himself and his subjects. For him, it’s not about the finished product as much as the journey, discovering emotions and sharing them.  His most recent productions evoke the state of balance towards which he strives, using a mixed media of paper, canvas and other elements to align reality with interpretation of dimension. Multiple layers of epoxy, gel medium and paint allow for a new, sometimes unexpected, lens for the viewer to look through and more actively participate with the image.


soul & matter

135 West Pacific

Telluride Arts’ new office space just across from the Library contains a contemporary gallery space; soul & matter. The gallery, which will feature new artists and jewelers monthly,  presents “You & Me, & The Devil,” featuring new works by Telluride artist Katy Parnello, as the maiden exhibit. After spending the past year and a half based in Telluride, artist Katy Parnello has started to deconstruct the urban walls she carried from a decade spent in New York City.  Now immersed in the comparable quiet of the natural valley, she is releasing those necessary protectors and becoming more aware of outside influences, both seen and unseen.  With “You & Me, & The Devil”, Katy strives to personify the moment when you separate from reality and enter into the creative state; the space where she constructs her pieces without plans or direction, but lets inspiration take over.  It’s a contemplation of the essence that envelops us as we let go of our consciousness and allow the subconscious take over.  What is that force? Is that you? Is that me? Or is that something else entirely?


Stronghouse Studios + Gallery

283 South Fir

With the Telluride Arts Offices relocated, the Stronghouse Studios + Gallery is brimming with artists and will continue as a program of Telluride Arts for as long as possible. The gallery space will feature artwork created by the artists in residence at the Stronghouse Studios. The featured artists in July include David Brankley, Kevin Pashayan, and Matthew Adams for a variety of subject matter and mediums.  The Stronghouse Gallery will be open most days from 12-6pm.


Studio G

145 West Pacific

Studio G is currently featuring Margaret Rinkevich on their walls.  Margaret’s work develops intuitively. It is composed of a confluence of multiple sensations drawn from her own experiential landscape. There is an all-consuming mental grind in the creative process, and her objective is to achieve visually arresting images. The goal in this series is to make the apparently simple relationships of form and color charged with as much force, feeling and meaning as possible.


Telluride Gallery of Fine Art

130 East Colorado

Telluride Gallery presents “Telluride Minis,” featuring artists Bruce Gomez and Julee Hutchinson in a dual miniature show. Gomez’s intricate pastels and Hutchison’s local plein air mountain scenes truly capture Telluride and the surrounding landscape. Both artists will be in attendance from 5-8pm.


Tony Newlin Gallery

100 West Colorado
Tony Newlin Gallery will be featuring “Trunk Show.” The resiliency and adaptability of nature is unbelievable. These aspen trees were buried by an avalanche at a young age and pushed over toward the ground.  As the years passed they continued to grow toward the sun as the debris eventually cleared away from their trunks.  The result is this graceful and moving display of nature's will to thrive. 


The Turquoise Door Gallery

226 West Colorado

The Turquoise Door Gallery presents “Paintings, Posters and Prints” by award winning conservation painter Rob Dreyer.


 Wizard Emporium

126 East Colorado

WE will be featuring Steven Beutler a graphic designer and artist from Montrose with a unique vintage influence.