The Telluride Art Walk is a festive celebration of the arts in downtown Telluride for art lovers, community and friends.

Over twenty venues host receptions from 5pm-8pm on first Thursdays to introduce their new exhibitions and artists. A free Gallery Guide offers a self-guided tour that can be used at any time to find galleries that are open most days. Gallery Guides are available at participating venues.


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Opening receptions are First Thursdays except November, December and May from 5-8pm. 

Current Show Descriptions. SEPTEMBER 2016:


Ah Haa School for the Arts

300 South Townsend

Ah Haa will be featuring “Shot in the Dark: At the Movies,” a show by Richard Lowenberg in the Daniel Tucker Gallery. Richard Lowenberg lived and was creatively involved in Telluride from 1979 to 1996. From 1984 through 2002 he developed a body of artworks addressing Information Society issues of privacy, surveillance, information warfare and terrorism, with overt assistance from defense contracted companies, military research labs and intelligence agencies. Richard also ‘covertly’ photographed audiences in the dark at theaters around the U.S., including at the Sheridan Opera House, especially during annual Telluride Film Festivals. While part of a larger body of work, all exhibited images were shot in the dark in Telluride.

Also being featured in the Daniel Tucker Gallery is Kate Kurtz with her exhibition, “Summer Solstice.” This work is about summer celebration. Kurtz is always inspired by her surroundings in Telluride. The dramatic light and the array of colors create the perfect formula for painting. But what makes a painting interesting to her is the way people interact with others, strangers and family alike. She prefers having a figure or figures in her landscapes. “I want the viewer to be a part of the moment that I have captured.”


Baked in Telluride

127 South Fir

Baked in Telluride is displaying the bold and colorful acrylic paintings by Telluride local artist, Carol Lee. Her work will hold your attention! Join the Bakery for coffee, cookies and conversation.


Gallery 81435

230 South Fir

Gallery 81435 presents the closing reception for “Open This Side,” a contemporary art exhibit by New York-based artist Ryan Cronin. Ryan Cronin will be present for a meet-and-greet, and will also be selling merchandise featuring his artwork. For over two decades, Cronin has been using Rust-Oleum paint to create his own unique iconography. His work has been described as Pop that teeters between Abstract and Representational. It is a mashup of high and low culture, driven by a deep sense of color and placement. It's large-scale, bold, and marked by his signature gloss finish. It is accessible and emotional, with a playful edge.


La Cocina

123 East Colorado

La Cocina's featured artist is Caroline Richardson, exhibiting her series of work, titled “Out of Range.” These pieces are stills from Super 8 film footage taken on horseback, and put together as a six-piece visual narrative. There are also some large single 35mm stills as well. All work is printed on canvas with subtle hand-painted accents over the images.


Lustre, an Artisan Gallery

171 South Pine

Luxurious, timeless and exotic are words best used to describe Gurhan’s jewelry collection shown at Lustre Gallery.   In addition to our GURHAN trunk show which will run through September 11th, Lustre will also offer a sneak peek at the GURHAN fall collection during Art Walk and continuing on Friday from 10am to 6pm.  Whether wrought solely in pure gold or “kissed” with gold in his popular sterling silver line, there is no mistaking a piece of GURHAN jewelry.  It is the personal touch of Gurhan on his designs that defines his signature aesthetic.  Gurhan’s “fingerprints” are the essence of his jewelry – they are seen in the marks of hand-hammering and natural imperfections, evidence that every piece is painstakingly crafted by hand.


MiXX projects + atelier

307 East Colorado

This month MiXX presents “Architectural Anatomy,” featuring two of their "greats" Marco Grassi & Nick Veasey. While both of the artists may be considered antitheses to one another, they are both using different mediums to interpret the architecture of anatomy. Marco, originally an architect, took to the canvas as a new venue in which to explore the architecture of the human body; its beauty, fluidity, and elusiveness; whereas X-ray photographer Nick Veasey takes a literal approach in his exposure of what truly "lies beneath."


Murphy Modern Gallery at Arroyo

220 East Colorado Avenue

With this, forms the concept for this series of paintings by artist Danielle DeRoberts: “A Union.” DeRoberts explores the intimate connections between the physical and non; between two sentient beings; between the metaphysical strands that unite us all. DeRoberts believes that we develop these unions on a constant basis, whether we are aware of it or not. Unions can be the simple and romantic- the love found between two people or the casual eye contact with a stranger down the street. Unions can be that between the human and the mountain, the dog and his owner, and even the experience found within one’s self. DeRoberts expands further on these concepts by incorporating the element of time; the idea that past lives communicate and unite throughout the human experience. This element is represented through titles such as “Timeless Awareness” and “Interconnectivity.”

Literally representing the concept of a union, DeRoberts incorporates cut and sewn layers of fabric that overlap with the next. In addition, you will see transparent dye merging two forms into one and interconnected thread throughout the installations. Taking cues from her Southwestern Colorado environment, the visitor will share light desert tones, deep flowing rivers of fabric ink and the simultaneously beautiful and haunting aspen trees from high in the hills of Telluride. The split images of two different canvases unite, as one final piece. 

As many familiar with DeRoberts’ work will observe, each piece incorporates song lyrics and inspirational quotes; a backlit illumination that creates a subliminal experience; and a foreshadowing of the next series

Oh-Be-Joyful Gallery

333 West Colorado Avenue

Oh Be Joyful Gallery will be featuring new paintings by highly sought after Colorado plein air artist David Grossman. Grossman responds to form and color in nature, creating sophisticated, simplified and perhaps spiritual compositions.



101 West Colorado

This month, Picaya is featuring Dream Mullick Collection. Since 1997 Dream Mullick has been creating spiritually infused jewelry with an inexplicable pull. Dream’s collections draw inspiration from the beauty of nature, the depth of ancient cultures, and from her own dreams. Enjoy charms that allure to wisdom, strength, and insight; rings with juicy stones and handmade lace filigree earrings. Meticulously created in Bali by a cooperative of free trade silversmiths, our team continues an age-old Indonesian tradition.


Slate Gray Gallery

209 E. Colorado, Unit A

September Art Walk at Slate Gray Gallery features the long-time local, Amy Schilling, and her enchanting encaustic paintings, as well as a trunk show of Manhattan-based Eli Halili’s exquisite and timeless jewelry. Amy Schilling is well known around the area for her petroglyphs and mastery of pigment through the hot wax process of encaustic painting. The Slate Gray Gallery team is excited to present her work as it transitions into a more subtle state, moving any audience into a meditative and luminous mood. 

Eli Halili is an Israeli jewelry designer, whose collection embodies his worldly travels. His handmade pieces reinvent the classical moods of foreign and ancient cities into avant-garde treasures. The fineness and rich depths of his jewelry are not only reflected in the tangible stories told through each ring or bracelet, as if you are strolling through an ancient city’s streets, but they are also reflected in the high-carat gold used to make these precious pieces.


 soul & matter

135 West Pacific

Telluride Arts’ new office space just across from the Library contains a contemporary gallery space; soul & matter. The gallery, which will feature new artists and jewelers monthly, presents the closing reception of “High Altitude Robots,” a show by David Pressler, along with the fine jewelry of Veldt Marfa. A musician will also be present for the reception.

Dave Pressler is a Los Angeles based artist and character designer who has used sculpture and illustration to fuse two of his primary passions: fine art and the world of pop entertainment. In the past 20 years he has designed characters and worlds for a variety of kids entertainment companies. Most recently Dave has dove in to the universe of TV animation.

Veldt-Marfa is the creation of Glen and LéAna Clifton, an artistic duo living in Marfa, Texas. The hand-made porcelain forms designed and made exclusively in their tiny studio offer them the ultimate form of self-expression. Beautiful, minimal and sensual forms, distilled to their essence. Art that you can feel and wear. Using a unique process, the pieces have a buttery-smooth, highly tactile surface. The naked porcelain is fully vitrified, which makes it one of the most durable materials on earth. A natural fit for their minimal jewelry. Being handmade means each piece is slightly different from the piece before it, and quite personal.


Stronghouse Studios + Gallery

283 South Fir  

With the Telluride Arts Offices relocated, the Stronghouse Studios + Gallery is brimming with artists and will continue as a program of Telluride Arts for as long as possible. The gallery space will feature artwork created by the artists in residence at the Stronghouse Studios. The featured artists in September will be Telluride local plein air painter, David Brankley, and Kevin Pashayan, a passionate young artist specializing in graffiti and stencil art.


Telluride Gallery of Fine Art

130 East Colorado

Telluride Gallery presents Barbara Heinrich who is showcasing her new studio jewelry. World-renowned goldsmith, Heinrich, will exhibit her newest 18k gold creations. With over 30 years experience her surface work technique is unmatched. Telluride Gallery of Fine Art has an eclectic mix of gallery favorites on the walls; Paintings by Susan Sales, Malcolm Liepke, Shawna Moore, Gordon Brown, Merrill Mahaffey and photographs by Dan Budnik.


Tony Newlin Gallery

100 West Colorado

The Tony Newlin Gallery will be featuring the limited edition giclee, Autumn Trail. 

"Mt Sneffels is one of the 54 mountains in Colorado that reach greater than 14,000 feet into the sky.  As the pinnacle of its range, it is visible for miles around and provides some of the most majestic scenery in Colorado. Looking to Sneffels from the north side, an old hidden trail winds through the autumn colors toward this towering peak.”


Wizard Emporium

126 East Colorado

WE will be featuring Bonnie Heidbrak. Bonnie Heidbrak, the Owner & Photographer at LUCID Photo Art, developed an interest in photography over 30 years ago. Traveling extensively locally and globally, Bonnie, never without her camera, seeks to discover exceptional colors, textures, reflections, shadows, and light in the ordinary and the extraordinary subjects she chooses. She has a keen eye for introspective serenity coupled with a zest for the dynamic. Her goal is to expose the simple yet profound beauty of the world to her audience. Bonnie is a member of the Louisville Art Association and Ouray Art Association in Colorado.