The Telluride Art Walk is a festive celebration of the arts in downtown Telluride for art lovers, community and friends.

Over twenty venues host receptions from 5pm-8pm on first Thursdays to introduce their new exhibitions and artists. A free Gallery Guide offers a self-guided tour that can be used at any time to find galleries that are open most days. Gallery Guides are available at participating venues.

Opening receptions are First Thursdays from 5-8pm. (no Art Walk November, December, April and May 2017) 

Look for the flags!

Current Show Descriptions. February 2017

Ah Haa School for the Arts - 300 South Townsend

This year, the Ah Haa School’s annual Regional Exhibition will celebrate the unrefined.  Titled: RAW, the juried exhibition champions rough and truthful artwork.  Regional artists located within 150 miles of Telluride are invited to submit works in all media: painting, ceramics, sculpture, printing, fiber, metals and other (excluding photography and video) that shows the raw process of creation.  Finished or unfinished, submitted works will embrace the root emotions, materials and intentions that inspired them.

Baked in Telluride - 127 South Fir

Long-time local, Leslie Ross Crane, debuts her first art exhibit, “Two Homes, Two Lives” featuring over 30 scenic oil paintings of Telluride and Baja Sur California.

Gallery Now - 224 East Colorado

Gallery now will be featuring paintings by Mury Jacob. The show is called Down The Rabbit Hole. It is a collection of paintings amassed by Jeremy Ragland over the years. Each one tells a story. Rabbit it usually the protagonist. This show name is in reference to White Rabbit’s role in Alice In Wonderland.  

Gallery 81435 - 230 South Fir

The colorful, humorous, and hopeful fabric works of New Orleans artist Chris Roberts-Antieau are in the Telluride Arts District for Mardi Gras season. Chris Roberts-Antieau is a self-taught pioneer of machine embroidery. Her main body of work, which she calls fabric paintings, are highly sophisticated tapestries created in her signature style of fabric appliqué and intricate embroidery, crafted on a simple Bernina sewing machine. For her show at Gallery 81435, entitled “Ad Lucem,” Antieau will display a collection of works that pursue elusive revelations. “Ad Lucem” is a Latin expression for “to the light,” and underlines Antieau’s search for meaning and joy through art. Her artist statement reads, “I am fascinated by the mind’s ability to create individual perception, and by the self-constructed belief system that creates that perception. We are what we believe we are. We see what we believe we see. We “know” what we believe we know. My work is a chance for me to stretch these boundaries, to explore things like dreams, intuition, natural phenomena, the afterlife, and unbelievable true events.”

With a similar penchant for the surreal and for questioning our perceptions, jeweler Betsy Youngquist will be showing her work alongside Antieau’s. Small and large eyes are the motif and centerpiece of everything from her pendants to her broaches. They lend the wearer an additional lens for seeing and being seen.

Ghost Town Grocer - 210 West Colorado

Ghost Town Grocer is the newest edition to Art Walk, and will be featuring works by local Abby Zoline. The pen and marker on paper drawings are done without color to highlight the delicate nature of the pieces. Zoline studied many forms of Asian art from Chinese ink paintings to carvings of Buddha, from Japanese calligraphy to woodblock prints, and Tibetan mandala art all influencing this current body of work. She explores work that snaps between two and three dimensions, that elicits movement though space and time, that shows the mark of human gesture, the tension between the page of paper and the mark, and the place where the inner world meets and shapes the outer world.

LDGiles at Happy Print - 307 East Colorado, Unit #104 (Tucked away on the East End)

LDGiles at Happy Print Studio presents a new series of select photographic images by Lawrence Giles from recent travels in the UK. Exploring a side of England that may surprise you, in addition to new images of Telluride at night. In large canvas, smaller photo prints and greeting cards created at Telluride’s Happy Print.

Kamruz Gallery – 398 West Colorado

“I Paint With Clay” by Eunika Rogers -- Rogers’ work is rooted in nature and the female body. She searches for ways to explore how each change with time, often focusing on a spiritual and physical connection with the land. Eunika uses nature as her inspiration for the process and the medium in her artwork.

Lustre - 171 South Pine

Lustre Gallery is featuring a special show of bracelets by Zoltan David.  Lustre is the only gallery to represent Zoltan’s jewelry collection outside of his own Atelier in Texas.   The hallmarks of Zoltan’s jewelry are his use of the highest quality of stones and metals, intricate patented inlay and award winning design.   Lustre will also show his Knight Dreams collection.  Created with Knightsteel, Zoltan the alchemist has researched and developed a high lustre, midnight black metal with permanent qualities of scratch, wear and erosion resistance, which he accents with platinum and gold inlay.   

Medicine Ranch - 615 West Pacific, #2R

“The Fine Arts of Beauty and Medicine” Throughout history every civilization has expressed elevated arts via beauty and medicine. Join us for a special evening of tasting medicinal elixirs and wines, sampling of exquisite organic skin care, vignettes, short teachings, demonstrations and interactive discussion as we delve into the wellspring of artisanal medicines and skin care. This not to be missed event is presented by natural beauty and medicine producers and co-creators of Medicine Ranch, as featured in Dec 2016 VOGUE magazine, Judy Godec and Joshua Geetter. 

MiXX projects + atelier - 307 East Colorado

“Ballad in Monochrome” -- This month, MiXX will be delving into the “Ballad in Monochrome.” The gallery will be unveiling two new artists: Janós Huszti & Mira Burack. Janós is exceptional in his ability to capture a moment in time. His use of a soft black and white palette is intentional in his effect to blur the lines of time—is this moment of the past, present, or future? He invites the viewer to explore the obvious and the ambiguous. Whereas Mira, creates mesmerizing layers of distorted monochromatic moments in real time thus fabricating an illusion of reality. Complimenting these two new artists will be Vero Gonzalez, whose familiar “Oak” motifs draw the viewer into a meditative state. 

Picaya - 101 West Colorado

Picaya will be featuring jewelry by TaiDK designs -- TaiDK designs are created by local artist, Tai Davis-Kleppinger, and feature small wire wrapping, semi-precious stones, and druzies.

Oh-Be-Joyful - 333 West Colorado

Oh-Be-Joyful gallery will be featuring David Grossman a modernist, nature inspired plein air painter whose images are hauntingly beautiful.

Slate Gray Gallery - 209 East Colorado, Unit A

in·ter·sec·tion·al·i·ty: Celebrating Similarities & Grounding Differences Among Telluride Artists -- Every February, Slate Gray Gallery celebrates local Telluride artists with a month long special exhibition. And this year there is no shortage of talent! Coincidentally, the group of artists selected are all amazing women working in different artistic mediums. From encaustic & fabric paintings, to sketch artists, jewelry designers & wood working art -the diversity is impressive! Stop by Slate Gray Gallery to celebrate the similarities, yet ground the differences among these fabulous women. (Highlighting local artists Amy Schilling, Danielle DeRoberts, Emily Ballou, Alyssa Flewelling, Brittany Miller & Katy Parnello).

Studio G: 145 West Pacific

Spa specializing in the art & science of beauty using clean, natural products featuring art by Margaret Rinkevich. 

Margaret’s work develops intuitively.  It is composed of a confluence of multiple sensations drawn from her own experiential landscape.  There is an all-consuming mental grind in the creative process, and her objective is to achieve visually arresting images.  The goal in this series is to make the apparently simple relationships of form and color charged with as much force, feeling and meaning as possible. 

Telluride Arts HQ Gallery - 135 West Pacific

Telluride Arts’ HQ gallery in Telluride, CO presents, “Habitat,” a solo exhibit by painter Elisa Gomez. This series of paintings is a compilation of pieces done by the artist while driving around the Western US in her Chevy Astro Van, combined with pieces done in her Salt Lake City studio at the culmination of her trip. Gomez’s visual journal and sketchbook explode with ideas she captured on her journey through nature – from striking Natural Parks and Forests, to the serenity of the ocean. Each painting is wrought with vivid colors, deep textures, and gestural movements, as this is the vocabulary built from experiences and expressions of what she observed.

Telluride Gallery of Fine Art - 130 East Colorado

Terry Gardner + Robert Weatherford: Seasons Change -- Local Weatherford and Colorado based Gardner juxtapose seasonal changes in 12 new oil paintings. Both artists will be in attendance during the opening and Telluride Dance Collective will put on special interpretive performances of the artwork at 6, 6:30, & 7pm.

The Turquoise Door Gallery - 226 West Colorado

Turquoise Door Gallery will be showcasing new works by Robert J. Franzese of Yosemite, King’s Canyon, Sequoia, and Arches National Parks alongside small works on hand painted fabric by Valierie Levy Franzese.

Wizard Emporium - 126 East Colorado

For the February Art Walk WE will feature one of our resident artists, Lorie Kerr. Lorie lives in Grand Junction with her family and has been mastering the long lost art of string art. String art was popular decades ago and Lorie has brought it back to life with more modern designs, lights, jewelry wire and repurposed wood. Her pieces are truly unique and will look good on any wall- whether in the home or in the office.