The Telluride Art Walk is a festive celebration of the arts in downtown Telluride for art lovers, community and friends.

Nineteen venues host receptions from 5pm-8pm on first Thursdays to introduce their new exhibitions and artists. A free Gallery Guide offers a self-guided tour that can be used at any time to find galleries that are open most days. Gallery Guides are available at participating venues.

Opening receptions are First Thursdays from 5-8pm. (no Art Walk November, December, and May 2017) 

Look for the flags!

Current Show Descriptions. April 2018

Gallery 81435 1.jpg



Gallery 81435 in Telluride, Colorado presents Centenary: Selections from 100 Paintings for 100 Years, an exhibit by Trine Bumiller during the months of March and April 2018. Bumiller’s 100 Paintings for 100 Years is a series of 100 paintings that were inspired by a residency during the centennial year of Rocky Mountain National Park, but evolved into something much greater, an immersive experience, both in practice and in installation, that points to our human need to record, remember and reflect. The works are meditations on our relationship to nature and through various perspectives present a deconstructed portrait of the landscape. They advance the dialogue between abstraction and representation, resting somewhere between the two; as if between experience and memory lies true reality.


Kamruz Gallery 1.jpg


Come and check out local photographer Mary Kenez' iconic pictures of Telluride. 

La Cocina 1.jpg


La Cocina will feature local artist Kellie Day. It will include a variety of her latest works created over the past eight months. Kellie will display a series of three different genres of work: Winter Trees, Butterfly Explosion, and Tulips.  Come and revel in the show while enjoying wholesome, handmade Mexican food featuring local and organic ingredients.

Lustre 1.jpg


Lustre Gallery is pleased to present a special collection of golden South Sea pearls.  Farmed in the pristine waters of the Philippines off the coast of Palawan, the pearl is an indicator of the health of the planet.  Upon its lustrous surface, every typhoon, every change in water temperature, and every nuance in the cleanliness of the water is recorded.  Jewelmer has cultured these pearls for over forty years, and while they sell 97% of their harvest to top pearl companies such as Mikimoto, the choicest pearls are kept for their own hand-crafted collections.  These jewels will be on display at Lustre Gallery for Art Walk.  

MiXX 1.jpg


Celebrating a broad range of artists from MiXX’s in-house collection, they are launching their first 'Mini Art Fair'! Featuring small works by regional painters Meredith Nemirov, Katie Stewart, Pam Conrad, and Britt Markey, as well as international artists Marco Grassi, Sheila Giolitti, and Lisa Kairos. From encaustic medium to watercolor studies, floral abstraction to figurative portraits the 'Mini Art Fair' brings to the forefront a fresh perspective on the dynamic capacity of small scale Fine Art. A grand opportunity for collectors, check out MiXX for the finale Art Walk of Winter 2018!

Picaya 1.PNG



Picaya will feature their own local Colorado artists, including Taidk Designs, Colleen Thompson, Tony Finocchio, Smart by Nature, and Juliana Designs.


Slate Gray Gallery 1.jpg


Slate Gray Gallery will be featuring Ali Launer and her beads on bone. Ali combines luxurious precious, semiprecious stones, handmade Bali Sterling silver and glass seed beads on the skulls of noble animals to create an impressive, signature style of art. Each piece contains a combination of beautiful patterns and extraordinary bold presence. The animal form, often with large, gorgeous horns, serves as the frame housing the intricate details of her designs.

Blues #29.jpeg


Studio G is featuring artist Margaret Rinkevich. Her work is composed of a confluence of multiple sensations drawn from her own experiential landscape.  There is an all-consuming mental grind in the creative process, and her objective is to achieve visually arresting images. The goal in this series is to make the apparently simple relationships of form and color charged with as much force, feeling and meaning as possible.



Telluride Arts’ HQ Gallery presents, Is This Water?, an exhibit by Austin Halpern. “Living in this increasingly digitized and modernized world, we often spend our days mindlessly looking, without truly seeing”. States Halpern. His first solo exhibit Is This Water? is an intervention, and a meditation on the practice of seeing. With his photographs, Halpern attempts to reframe how we go about visualizing our day-to-day lives. Born in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio, Austin is a 19-year-old sophomore at Colorado College and a part-time resident of Telluride who interned with Telluride Arts in the summer of 2017.

Telluride Gallery of Fine Art 1.jpg


Telluride Gallery will feature selections from their 2017 & 2018 winter exhibitions. View madrone sculptures by Christian Burchard, abstract paintings from Gordon Brown, cold wax paintings by Rebecca Crowell, mixed media abstractions by Krista Harris, minimalist paintings by Daniel Mendel-Black and geometric minimalism by John M. Miller.

Tony Newlin 1.jpg


The Tony Newlin Gallery will be featuring a new release, limited edition image, captured by Tony this summer in Denali National Park: Tundra Nomad. We will also be featuring the functional sculptural artwork of James Vilona which blend contemporary, organic, and abstract shapes into art that has direct communication through contact.

Turquoise Door 1.jpg


Photography by Carl Marcus and paintings by Shaun Home.