Elvir Muminovic will be teaching a crash course workshop on movie making on Saturday, March 23, 2019 in the Wilkinson Public Library Programs Room. This workshop will be held for one day in two 2-hour sessions. The first session will be on the language of cinema including dramaturgy and screenwriting. The second session will focus on pre-production and production from the director's perspective. The goal of the workshop is to expand the participants' basic knowledge of the whole process of making a moving including: screenwriting (dramaturgy), movie language, directing, acting (elements of acting), and production (preproduction, film set, postproduction).

Free and open to participants 16 and up. Snacks will be provided. Sign by March 20, 2019. Sign up here: https://www.telluridearts.org/filmworkshop

The workshop is funded through Telluride Arts’ Small Grants program.