Thursday, November 29 – One SHOW Only – 6:15pm at the Nugget Theater.

The movie is Rated R.  85 minutes. Tickets are $10.  No Nugget passes, please.

“One of the more ingenious imported thrillers to hit theaters in a long while,” wrote Rolling Stone.  This 2018 Danish thriller film, co-written and directed by Gustav Möller, was the Danish entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 91st Academy Awards.

Möller’s feature debut, circles around one man, Asger (Jakob Cedergren), who sits behind a desk and answers a phone.  Asger used to be a cop out on the streets, but he is now confined to a desk, taking emergency calls for a dispatch. One night, just before he is about to leave, a call comes in, “Hi, sweetie,” says the woman on the other line.

And so unfolds the mystery.  Is she speaking in code? Has she been kidnapped?  The brilliance of Möller’s execution is that we stay with Asger in this room throughout the entire excruciating episode.  We receive information as he does, which gives the audience the sensation of being trapped in headquarters and struggling for details, just like this wayward officer. 

“The Guilty (Den skyldige) is a claustrophobic thriller that finds fascinating ways to spiritually transcend its confines,” wrote The Village Voice, “Möller establishes a vital connection between the formal playfulness of his film and the moral vision of his story. He’s not content with just giving us a thrill ride; he wants also to challenge our assumptions of right and wrong, guilt and innocence.”