Sheridan Opera House  |  Friday, Jan 5, 2018  |  $50 GA/$60 Reserved


Railroad Earth plays the Sheridan Opera House on Friday, Jan. 5, 2018. Musicians play music and don't necessarily worry about where it gets filed. And like those who came before them, like The Band, the members of Railroad Earth aren’t losing sleep about what “kind” of music they play – they just play it. When they started out in 2001, they were a bunch of guys interested in playing acoustic instruments together. After recording their first demo in a matter of days, their manager got them booked at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival before they'd even played their first gig. That was the beginning of Railroad Earth’s journey: since those early days, they’ve gone on to release five more critically acclaimed studio albums and one hugely popular live one called, “Elko.” They’ve also amassed a huge and loyal fanbase who turn up to support them in every corner of the country. Tickets are $50 GA on the floor and $60 reserved seats in the balcony. A $4 ticketing fee applies at all sale outlets.