Join Palm Arts and Telluride Dance Collective in the first annual original dance showcase, Mass Movement. 

This is a BRAND NEW event and the biggest dance collaboration of the year! Check out the latest original work from 7 local choreographers and 20 local dancers across 6 distinct movement styles– hip hop, contemporary, jazz, and more! Two chances to catch this amazing show... mark your calendar! 

Michael D. Palm Theatre
Sept 21st and 22nd
Performance at 7pm
Tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for students,
Tickets will be available soon- stay tuned!

- - - - - - - - - 

Ellen Bator
Erika Curry Elrod
Danielle Jenkins
Keri Sutton
Kelsey Trottier
Stephanie Osan
Molly Wickwire Sante

Amy Barber, Ellen Bator, Lacy Carlson, Zoe Dohnal, Erika Curry-Elrod, Danielle Jenkins, Peter Lundeen, Kristen Marshall, Grace Mayer, Emily Osan, Stephanie Osan, Katrinne Rinne, Anna Robinson, Katie Shewbridge, Catherine Steitzer, Keri Sutton, Kelsey Trottier, Lexi Tuddenham, Molly Wickwire Sante, Molly Yakas