Twenty(by)Telluride | Art + Architecture Edition
Date: Wednesday, July 12
Location: The Historic Sheridan Bar
Time: 7-9pm

Come early for a seat and a drink. 
Presentations begin at 7:30


Richie Stothard - Chef
Stephanie Osan & Danielle Jenkins – Telluride Dance Collective
Trevor James - Architect
Angelee Aurillo - Chef
Kirk Drogsvold - Artist

Twenty(x)Telluride is a series of fun, lively, fast paced slide presentations that provide an intimate peek into the creative minds at work in the Telluride’s Arts District. Each presenter gets exactly 20 slides that are shown for exactly 20 seconds each. Presenters are challenged to share what makes them tick—they’re asked to talk about their inspiration, their creative process, and their muse. Each presentation is about six and a half minutes long, and there are generally five presenters in an evening. The event is held in the Historic Sheridan Bar, and has a casual, fun, social vibe.