The whole idea behind this is to do something that really engages people in that deeper way with the arts and design,” Jones said.

The weekend showcases traditional fine artists — actors, filmmakers, painters and musicians — as well as culinary artists and architects. Jones notes that the work Telluride architects do, particularly in the historic core, fuses heritage architecture with modern aesthetic design and results in a unique class of work found nowhere else in the world.

Overall, the weekend will be an intimate peek into what makes the creative communities of Telluride feel inspired to make beautiful expressions of the human soul from the comfort of beautiful, relaxing and sophisticated spaces.

Over the course of two days, the tour will span five venues per day. Stops include prestigious new and historic homes, studios, restaurants, and alternative venues. Each venue will feature numerous artists and designers of all kinds, tastings by local chefs and wine pairings.
At each stop on the tour, a creative team of architects, chefs, artists and designers collaborate to provide an intimate experience for guests.

Enjoy art exhibits, artist and chef demonstrations, live music, performances, artist talks, tours with architects and designers, food, beer and wine tastings and surprises at each stop on the way.

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Schedule of Events:

It’s a bit early to have information about the 2017 Art + Architecture Weekend Festival, but it’s not too early to book lodging. Many veteran festivarians book their condos and hotel rooms a year in advance and the town of Telluride is mostly sold out six months before the festival! Come back later for more information on this festival.