An Eight-Part Figure Drawing Series. Take several classes or the entire session. Drawing the figure in all its parts and attitudes deepens one’s understanding of our experience in the world. In this eight-part course, students will develop and refine their skills at rendering the human form, receiving instruction that focuses on a particular part of the body or rendering style. Artist Meredith Nemirov will guide students through each session, examining anatomy, volume, gesture and all the artistic elements required when drawing the girl. She will also present a discussion of the work of classical and contemporary artists for inspiration. Students may take any number of classes or the entire series. Open to all levels of experience, including complete beginners. Students should bring their own materials, including an 18″ x 24″ newsprint pad and charcoal. PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED, LINKS BELOW IN GREEN: (You can register for more than one class at a time by resetting the filter after you add the first class to your cart.) Class 1 (July 3) – Walking and Talking: An intro to figure drawing with an emphasis on capturing the figure in action. Gestural line, blocking in form and learning to see the entire body at one time. (nude model) Class 2 (July 10) – About Face: Proportion, anatomical features and different views of the head. (clothed model) Class 3 (July 17) – Drawing the Line: A series of linear drawing exercises to sharpen eye/hand coordination and improve how we see the model. Contour, continuous line, a sketched line and more. (draped model) Class 4 (July 24) – Twists and Turns: Concentration on the torso, or mid-section of the figure. Anatomical structure of this part of the body will be the focus. (nude model) Class 5 (July 31) – From Darkness Into Light: A study of values and the search for form. We will literally shine a light on the figure and concentrate on building up tones to create a sense of three dimension. (nude or draped model) Class 6 (August 7) – Hands and Feet: These complex small parts of the body present a real challenge for the figure artist. We’ll learn several ways to approach drawing hands and feet in this class. (clothed model) Class 7 (August 14) – Figure in the Environment – How does the figure relate to its surroundings? What do we include setting in our drawings? (nude or clothed model) Class 8 (August 21) – Figure at Rest – Drawing the reclining figure and all the challenges it presents, especially foreshortening. (nude model)

July 3rd - August 21st 2017

5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Ah Haa School for the Arts