April 24 – May 19, 2017
Daniel Tucker Gallery at Ah Haa School 

Opening Reception May 16 from 5 – 8:00pm. Artist talk at 6pm.

The Open • Set exhibition is intended to be a recognition of the beauty of the craft and a commitment to the public toward a better understanding of this art form. The exhibition will showcase 50 books and will recognize excellence in craftsmanship and design concept interpretation. Each venue may offer an Opening Reception as well as a People’s Choice Award, encouraging viewers to cast their vote for the binding they find most intriguing in both the OPEN and the SET categories.

A bibliophile is a lover of books and everyone loves books! Bibliophiles recognize that working together as a community makes The Book more visible in the eye of the public. This competition and exhibition is an attempt to unite bibliophiles with the public and together celebrate finely crafted books. The exhibition will travel across the United States. Book enthusiasts who visit the exhibit will walk away with a better understanding and appreciation of a well made and artistically designed book.