Thursday, Jan. 26, 2017|  5:30 – 8:30pm  |  $50


The new year is a period of new beginnings, of shifting goals and fresh starts. Why not learn how to gain some insight, inspiration, and introspection by exploring the ancient art of tarot? Used since the 18th century for divination (and entertainment!), tarot cards are interpreted for each individual and issue in question based on how the cards are positioned in the spread (the unique arrangement of the cards in a reading) and based on the specific meaning of each card itself.  Join Kayse Budd, experienced tarot reader, astrologer, healer, artist, holistic physician, and psychotherapist, for an evening of mystical, mysterious enlightenment and esoteric fun! Kayse will teach students the basic “Celtic Cross” tarot spread, and will help students begin to formulate their own meanings and interpretations. She will also teach some of the standard meanings of different cards and card arrangements. Beginners are welcome, as are experienced readers.

Students are encouraged to bring their own Tarot deck (Kayse suggests the Universal Waite deck, $12.13 on