Jan. 14  |  6 pm  |  $28 adults, $20 students & children 

Palm Theatre, 721 W Colorado Ave, Telluride, CO 81435

After an extremely well-received performance in October 2015, Fly Dance Company will once again grace the Johnson Stage at the Palm Theatre on Saturday, January 14 for a night of great dance, movement and stage spectacle. FLY is an all-male contemporary dance company from Houston, Texas, known for its high-energy performances with clever staging to a variety of music including classical, jazz, pop, hip hop, experimental, drumming, and live sound effects. Labeled an artistic phenomenon, FLY crosses street dance with classical choreographic principles. Their technique is a creative blend of hip hop, gymnastics, and break dancing juxtaposed on a platform of modern and classical dance techniques. As the Houston Press reports, “this ain’t no ordinary lacy-fingered, twinkly-toed dance troupe. These FLY guys are tough, with a streetwise, sideways charm; and they know how to move, too, from their knuckles all the way down to their toenails.”