The Hispanic Women’s Project

Devised and Written by Jennie Franks

In celebration of The Telluride Playwrights Festival 10th Anniversary, this year the Festival will be producing an original play based on true stories of local Hispanic women who live and work in this region.

The women in the play all arrived in this country after a perilous journey crossing the border. They arrived with nothing more than the will to live a better life. Coming from countries where it was impossible for them to lead a life devoid of starvation, violence, sexual assaults, lack of educational or work opportunities.

Even though these are Latina immigrant stories, we can all relate; especially women. Their stories are of today. They are stories that can be heard now, in Hispanic communities in every part of America. The stories tell of heartache and of sorrow, injustice and resilience. Their strength to persevere and live a better life in the USA is awe-inspiring. They are stories told because they have a need to be heard.