Friday-Sunday, March 18-20 |  12-4pm  |  $185 tuition

Taught by Susan Claffey

Students must purchase required materials on their own.

Have you ever wondered about the palettes and techniques of historic painters?

Whether its Cezanne, Degas or Rembrandt, this class invites students of all levels to explore the language of the masters while working on the formal elements of composition in their own paintings – particularly shape, value and color. Working in oil, acrylic or both, each student will implement the style of a historic painter of their choice to create still life compositions substituting their own objects.

Meeting from noon-4 p.m. daily, the class will first meet for a lunchtime chat/presentation about various artists and techniques. Students will then paint in the studio from 1-4 p.m.

More information and registration here.