Tuesday – Thursday, January 26 – 28  |  6-9pm  |  $150 tuition

Whether you are new to drawing comics or a seasoned pro, Providence Comics Consortium’s Walker Mettling brings the real deal to Telluride. This class is open to teens and adults alike.
The Providence Comics Consortium has been creating the best comics on the East Coast since 2010, and now founder Walker Mettling brings his cross-generational cartooning project and creative skills to the Ah Haa School! Through the PCC’s generative drawing games, Walker’s class will get loose filling up sketchbooks with characters, settings and ideas. Then the class will get to work penciling, inking and lettering pages to build a comics anthology together. All skill/comfort levels accepted, as well as all genres!

STUDENT REQUIREMENTS: Students should bring a sketchbook, pencils, pens, and a sense of humor.