Saturday & Sunday, January 23 & 24|  11am-4pm  |  $235 tuition + $50 materials

Reinvent images of your loved ones through relief printing, mixed media and quirky collage.
Have you ever wanted to reinvent your family, or portray them in an unconventional way? This class will use the process of relief printing and various mixed media to make quirky, yet beautiful “family” portraits – whether your family is comprised of friends, pets, brothers and sisters, or other loved ones. Students will learn the process of relief printing from beginning to end, then use this new knowledge to experiment with playful ways of combining it with other mixed media and collage. The class will also cover the basics of composition and collage in order to set subjects in a well-composed, beautiful piece of work.

PLEASE NOTE: The class won’t necessarily use “bell jars” as part of their compositions. Students should bring photos or other images of their family, friends, pets, self and anyone else they may want to re-imagine!

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