he Art of Creativity: A Mixed Workshop for Writers and Artists

with Susie Billings & Craig Childs

Friday & Saturday , September 25 & 26  |  9:30am-4:30pm  |  $285 tuition + $35 materials **

An intimate fall retreatto explore creativity through journaling – both with words and brush – with Craig Childs and Susie Billings. This class take place at a beautiful adobe residence located on Wright’s Mesa, just west of Norwood.

Creating art is a narrative. Whether using words, colors or contours, the act of invention comes from the same source, a relationship between what is inside and what is outside. Artist Susie Billings and author Craig Childs are offering a dynamic two-day workshop that will take participants through the combined creative process they have developed: how to see the world around you and render it into art. The process works for all forms of expression.

Artists, writers, and neither are welcome.

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