Deborah Harrington and Katherine Lott will be present at Slate Gray Gallery, available to speak about their artwork and the history and inspiration for each piece. It has been a long time dream for both artists to show in Telluride and Slate Gray Gallery is the perfect venue for these two contemporary artists. 

As an abstract artist, Katherine Lott is pushing the limits in regards to the application of acrylics onto oils and cold wax. Her objective is to layer on color and texture using all mediums. She then scrapes off the excess to reveal the treasures of what lies beneath the different mediums.

As a portrait artist, Deborah’s work has a soulful spirit. American Indians, cowboys and horses have inspired her since moving from California to the Hill Country of Texas. She works in oils on canvas and layers her work ranging from realistic to abstract to create a unique sense of color and texture making it one of a kind.