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The First Thursday Art Walk is a festive celebration of the arts in downtown Telluride for art lovers, community and friends. Twenty-One venues host receptions from 5pm-8pm to introduce their new exhibitions and artists.  A free Art Walk Map offers a self-guided tour that can be used at any time to find galleries that are open most days.  Maps are available at participating venues and at the Telluride Arts offices located in the Stronghouse Studios + Gallery at 283 South Fir Street.


Adam W. Carlos Fine Art

398 West Colorado Avenue (downstairs)

The grand opening of Adam W. Carlos Fine Art will coincide with the first Art Walk of the season. The space will also house the working studio of Adam Carlos who recently relocated to Telluride from Nashville. A second-generation artist, Adam specializes in highly detailed, exquisite graphite portraiture and landscape drawings. Adam's ability to capture the true personality of his subjects has created a cherished nationwide clientele. In addition to his custom portrait work, Adam is also known for his Hands of Music series of Bluegrass and Americana musicians in addition to his equestrian and landscape works.


Ah Haa School for the Arts

300 South Townsend Avenue

Explore. Express. Evolve. The Ah Haa School for the Arts presents exhibits and classes that inspire individuals of all ages to explore their creativity.

Daniel Tucker Gallery

Robert Weatherford - Strut and Fret

Opening reception Thursday, June 4th from 5-8pm. Exhibition June 4 - 26, 2015

The Daniel Tucker Gallery features a new series is still life in its philosophical mode. The title from references Shakespeare’s quote, “strut and fret our hour upon the stage”. Weatherford uses a 19th century architectural theater front model to make an overt statement with different symbolic characters used in his still-lifes over the years. The various figures stand for different personae that are assumed to get us through life. Weatherford strives to share a tenderness and compassion with the viewer and our human attempts to make life work.

The second half of the series consists of two characters on the stage of life. The repeated one is a Mexican pottery rabbit with some lettuce in his mouth that evokes the earnest of good creatures. His different companions are varying ways in which one can dress personal identities in order to make it through life.

Born in Laredo, Texas in 1951 Robert earned a Masters in Systematic Theology at Union Seminary (NY) in 1986. This was followed by a Masters in Painting at Claremont Graduate Art School in Claremont CA. He moved to Telluride in 1977. He was commissioned by the Sierra Club Books to create seventeen paintings for a children’s book entitled Desert Dog, released in Fall 2001. Weatherford resides in Telluride, Colorado painting and teaching adult painting classes at the Ah Haa School for the Arts where he also serves on the Board of Directors.


East Gallery 

Ann O’Brien Gonzales

Opening Thursday, June 4th from 5-8pm.

The East Gallery at the Ah Haa School features Ann O’Brien Gonzales, who is intrigued by still life’s slightly voyeuristic, yet private glimpse into life. In love with the common objects that make up our daily lives – flowers, food, a cherished vase, her paintings depict shallow space, unusual shapes and inventive use of color. Gonzales’ art heroes are Cezanne, Van Gogh and, of course, Matisse. Like them her work relies on color, form and pattern in that order. She can be best described as a colorist and works in oil and mixed media using collage elements, beeswax, dry pigments, graphite, and/or pastels. In addition to the usual brushes, she employs scrapers, brayers, and many other mark-making tools. The process involves multiple layers and responding to what appears on each surface as the painting evolves. Her aim is to evoke the sense of joy she experience as she creates.


AZADI Fine Rugs

217 West Colorado Avenue

AZADI Fine Rugs presents exquisite rugs; contemporary to antique that are steeped in tradition, authenticity and personalization.


Baked in Telluride

127 South Fir Street

Baked in Telluride presents student artwork from the Ah Haa School for the Arts.  Enjoy a fun display of work produced during after school art classes for youth. The opening will combine colorful festivity with donuts and coffee. 10% discount for Art Walk.



224 East Colorado Avenue

Dolce takes pride in offering their clients the finest in custom & designer jewelry, alongside unique sculptures in all sizes and mediums. Each piece is designed and crafted by hand and has a story to tell. Dolce’s attention to detail and labor-intensive process results in exquisite handmade jewelry and sculpture that is both distinctive and exclusive. Rare and exquisite gemstones serve as the inspiration behind every piece at Dolce. Dolce represents artists who are unique and innovative in their chosen medium. They look forward to serving your jewelry & sculpture acquisitions with their knowledgeable staff, GIA certified gemologists and goldsmiths.


Elinoff & Co.

204 West Colorado Avenue

Elinoff Gallery presents regional and international artists, colored gemstones and diamond jewelry, and local Telluride charms.


Gallery 81435

230 South Fir Street

Betsy Chaffin – Genesis

 Gallery 81435 presents a series of new paintings by Betsy Chaffin that evoke a response to place, memory, and reality, and provide the audience with a personal and internal glimpse of expression.  Chaffin’s paintings begin with an idea or specific reflection and evolve to take on a life of their own. Intuitive experiments in mark making and composition, her drawings make their way into the vocabulary of the paintings.


Gold Mountain Gallery

135 West Colorado

Gold Mountain Gallery features custom furniture, fine rugs, stunning local photographs, custom jewelry and interior design, infusing the Colorado look and feel with high-end, contemporary home décor. From custom made furniture and fine rugs to stunning local photographs and custom jewelry, Gold Mountain Gallery offers everything from décor staples to those final touches that make each room unique. Also offering full service interior design consultation. Owned by locals Mark and Jessica Goldberg.


Kamruz Gallery

333 West Colorado

Kamruz Gallery features local artists exhibits and photography by Mary Kamruz that captures the spirit of Telluride.


La Cocina de Luz

333 West Colorado

Steven Green

La Cocina de Luz presents local artist Steven Green. Green’s latest paintings have emerged from taking American iconic images, from the 40’s and 50’s, and creating a graffiti wall reminiscent of some back street alley. His hope is to create an abstract approach, combining the history of paint and subject mater. Full of energy, the line and color come alive and give a modern feel to the canvas.

Most recently, Green visited Morocco with his 16-year-old son. Morocco’s rich history of arts and crafts inspired a love of the Arabic calligraphy, patterns, and architectural forms of the country. From drawings and photos, Green began to make paintings that capture the moods of Northern Africa.


LDGiles Art & Design

307 E. Colorado, Unit #104 (Willow Building)

LD Giles Art and Design features paintings and photographs by long-term local artist Lawrence Giles. The working studio/gallery displays Giles’ outdoors themed work as well as providing a creative artist den. Traditional works available in addition to digital services and print media.


Lustre, an Artisan Gallery

171 South Pine Street

Lustre opens the spring season featuring the abstract work of Bonnie Teitelbaum, celebrating the first anniversary of her gallery representation in Telluride. Bonnie’s vision is inspired by nature and quiet reflection. Her technique involves the application acrylics and gels, among other materials, onto wood panels to create layers for light to travel through. In her words, “I create paintings with a sublime, sensual beauty, using high key colors in a delicate manner to lure you into a Zen world of internal conversation.”

 Well known for her quintets, 5 panel paintings, [shown] ‘Snap Shots’ is one of two displayed at Lustre.

 “I think of them like a group of friends or a family. Each panel is painted to stand on its own but together they make a stronger statement and a new image. It is about relationships and finding the thread that connects them. I consider them my signature work.”

In fact, a quintet has been selected to be included in the artwork for Chuck Russell’s film starring John Travolta currently filming in Columbus, Ohio.


MiXX projects + atelier

307 East Colorado Avenue

Daniel Kukla - Glacial Rebound

Mixx projects and atelier presents a series of photographs of the extant Alaskan landscape paired with photo-sculptural pieces representing the nascent landscapes to come. The photo-sculptural pieces were created through manipulating silver gelatin emulsion paper and sculpting it into rough approximations of the existing underwater topography. Dry chemistry was then applied directly to the emulsion and washed over with water; as the water flows around ridges and through valleys, it simulates trails and pools that are reminiscent of glaciers, glacial melt waters, silt deposits and the new risen muddy tidal flats. 


Murphy Modern

220 East Colorado Avenue 

Murphy Modern at Arroyo wine bar is dedicated to bringing accomplished and cutting-edge contemporary art to Telluride in a solon-like setting.


Oh-Be-Joyful Gallery

333 West Colorado Avenue

Oh-Be-Joyful Gallery presents original, realistic landscape paintings by artists who are regionally and nationally known.


Stronghouse Studios + Gallery

283 South Fir Street

Mary Ellen Long - Icons and Elements: Works on Paper 

The Stronghouse Studios and Gallery presents Icons and Elements, a series of framed collage and mixed media work combined with unframed nature-altered paper works. Long’s assemblages of leaf forms vary in subject matter and materials range from natural elements, antique and handmade papers, to mixed media using charcoal, pencil, sands, and imported papers. In addition to her wall hangings, Long’s installation of small image collage presents interesting groupings of all her varied materials.


Telluride Gallery of Fine Art

130 East Colorado Avenue

Lissa Hunter – Crossover 

The Telluride Gallery of Fine Art presents renowned artist and basket maker, Lissa Hunter. Hunter explores combinations of contemporary basketry, clay and drawing in her second solo exhibition at TGFA. Join TGFA for an artist talk and wine tasting with the Wine Mine from 5-8pm. 


Telluride Historical Museum

201 West Gregory Street

Forces of Nature: Telluride’s Prehistoric Journey

June 2015 – March 2016  

Discover what Telluride was like before there were people, before the ski resort, the mines and even the mountains. The Telluride Historical Museum’s upcoming annual exhibit, Forces of Nature: Telluride’s Prehistoric Journey, delves into the dramatic and volatile powers that built the region we know today.

Uncover carnivorous Allosaurus dinosaur fossils from the late Jurassic period and discover what life was like for these fast, muscular reptiles. Dive into the Western Interior Seaway, the shallow sea that covered Colorado and extended from the Gulf of Mexico to the Arctic Ocean. Test out the principles of Plate Tectonics, handle real Colorado fossils, and see the gems and minerals formed through millions of years of volcanic activity. Experience how the Ice Age and the pressure of glaciers creeping along the valley out Telluride and set the scene for the first humans.  


Tony Newlin Gallery

100 West Colorado Avenue

The Tony Newlin Gallery features the wildlife and nature photography of Tony Newlin.  His collection includes images from Colorado, the Western United States, and Alaska.  Available in a range of sizes, finishes and frames, discover aspen trees, Colorado mountain scenes, bears, moose and a variety of other wildlife and nature scenes.  Tony is true to the original scene and believes composition, light and behavior are the keys to great images.


Turquoise Door Gallery

226 West Colorado Avenue

The Turquoise Gallery presents original works by Jim Wodark, Valerie Levy Franzense, Sonia Reid, and Robert J. Franzense.



126 East Colorado Avenue

WE, formerly Wizard Emporium, presents artisan gifts and unique jewelry, fine art, pottery, toys, frames, photographs, and cards from the region.


Also this Thursday, please stop in for a special Wild West Fest exhibit at the Sheridan Opera House (110 North Oak Street). This year's Wild West Fest artist, Lauren Metzger is a graphic designer and pet portrait artist and is now venturing into abstract landscapes. Her beautifully textured painting of buffalo grazing wonderfully captures the spirit of the SAF's Wild West Fest. Come see Metzger's wide array of artwork, meet the artist and bid on the piece, with proceeds benefiting the WWF.