2015 Musicfest


A World Premiere Film

“Talent Has Hunger"

Rough Cut screening of Josh Aronson’s latest film

Thursday, June 25

Madeline Hotel

7:30 PM



Talent Has Hunger is a film about the unique power of music to enhance the lives of people from childhood through the last days of life. Filmed over 7 years, the film focuses on the challenges of teaching gifted young people the intricacies of playing the cello, but through the words and action of master cello teacher Paul Katz, the message in the very marrow of the film is what a powerful enhancement to life music can be.


Talent Has Hunger offers a remarkable front row seat in the lives of students (from 11-18, at the start). The viewer learns what it actually takes, technically and emotionally, to make music at the highest levels. By the end of the film, the viewer sees that whether the student ends up performing, teaching or becoming a doctor, a lawyer or a fireman, their early study of music builds self-esteem and a cultural and aesthetic appreciation that will be indelible throughout their lives. 

To park at the Hotel Madeline, go to the underground parking area (Level P1) and look for the sign at the elevator that will direct you to the movie. (One hour free…then $2.00 an hour)

If you are interested in a meal before the film…Black Iron Kitchen in the Madeline will give you 10% off your total bill.