Ready to join the Telluride family? The best way to attend the Telluride Film Festival is to buy one of our four passes: Cinephile, Acme, Festival or Patron. Why? Because, depending on the level of the pass, it admits you to the Shows and events of the Festival throughout the entire weekend — nearly 40 film programs shown in the nine Festival venues. One pass equals one extended weekend stuffed with film-related activities, beginning with the Opening Night Feed on Thursday evening and continuing all the way through Monday, well past the noon-time Labor Day Picnic.

Only passholders are admitted to the social gatherings, and in the theatres they are seated before any individual ticket purchasers. Consequently, they enjoy the best seats. Individual tickets — priced at $25 each — will be available for sale just prior to show time and only after all passholders have been admitted, provided there are still seats remaining. Hearing a lot of buzz on the Telluride main street about a particular flick? The most popular programs repeat throughout the weekend to meet demand, so passholders have ample opportunity to catch them.

Choose the pass that best suits your needs and order as soon as possible. If our experience of 40 years repeats itself, it is highly likely that the Festival will again sell out — and far in advance of the weekend. Join us — we’d love to welcome you into the Festival family.