2018 registration WILL OPEN IN FALL 2018. STAY TUNED!

2018 DATES:

Friday November 1, Saturday December 1, Sunday December 2


Telluride Elks Lodge, 472 W Pacific Ave, Telluride, CO


Please plan to park in Carhenge if you're leaving a car in town. There is free bus service back to the Elks, or it's about a 4 minute walk.


Friday: 10am Vendor Set Up. 

Friday 4-8pm OPEN! Grand Opening and Happy Hour(s)

Saturday: 10:30am Vendor Access

Saturday: 11am-5pm OPEN

Sunday: 10:30am Vendor Access

Sunday: 11am-5pm OPEN

Sunday: 5PM Break down. No early birds please


Please bring a table and any other supplies needed for your booth. Extension cords, good lighting, festive decoration, stools/chairs, and general good cheer are encouraged.  Most spaces have outlets for electricity, but not all. Please have extension cords on hand. The Elks has good lighting but you may want extra for your space. Artists are responsible for set up, take down and all delivery, handling, and removal of artwork.


All spaces are 4’ x 4’ with the exception of U4 and and L14. You are welcome to reserve more than one space.

REGULAR RATE: $160 per space with no required volunteer commitment.

VOLUNTEER RATE: $110 per space with 4 hours of required volunteer time: two, two-hour shifts. Volunteer shifts are limited. 

COMMISSION: There is an 85% (Artist)-15% (Telluride Arts) split at the Bazaar.

SHARING: $90 per person with no volunteer commitment. $70 per person with a 4 hour volunteer commitment. 

*Booth fees are non-refundable after November 21st.


Telluride Arts will handle all sales at a checkout. Please read labels + inventory section carefully.

Credit Cards: We accept all credit cards, checks and cash, and pay all processing fees out of our %.

Taxes: We collect and pay applicable state, county and city sales taxes.

Payments: You will receive a check equal to the total amount of sales less the commission within two weeks. You will also receive a detail of your sales. Please note: Uncle Sam wants YOU to report your state and federal income taxes, if applicable. 

Labels + Inventory: Please make your labels using your three-letter code. Labels should include your code and the price. IMPORTANT: Please be sure EVERY item is marked clearly. We do not collect inventory sheets so if you need to keep a more detailed inventory of sales, please do so as items leave your table. 

Booth Spots are reserved on first come, first reserved basis. Please mark youR preferences in your application. 



OFFICES: 135 West Pacific Avenue, across from the Wilkinson Public Library.

HOURS: 12-6pm daily or by appointment. The office is open by appointment only during off-season.

EMAIL: info@telluridearts.org

PHONE:  970-728-3930

MAILING ADDRESS: PO Box 152, Telluride, CO 81435